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Zero Knievel

Water Runoff Diversion

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There's an ongoing issue at my house.  Water runs off the mountain and drains under the drive (currently in two places) via culverts.  Needless to say, when it's severe, dead limbs, leaves, small(ish) rocks, etc. come down with it; forcing the water to find another patch of drainage.  I spent Saturday digging out the culvert going under the paved section of the driveway.  Fortunately, a few moderate sized branches were the culprit, so nothing was in the pipe...just the entry was blocked, but I had to dig over a ten square foot area to find where the culvert was.


I know there's always going to be dirt and leaves washing down, and the culverts will need regular inspection for blockages, but on this one particular culvert (and possibly another similar to it), I'd like to find an inexpensive "diverter" I can either buy or build uphill to catch/deflect the big items so they don't run full force into the mouth of the culvert.  I'd have to do this by hand, so nothing that requires heavy equipment to install or too heavy to carry up uneven terrain.


I've tried Google, but my hits are more for items designed for professional landscaping jobs.  The stuff for homeowners is more about landscaping options geared to slowing runoff so it's absorbed into the soil.

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