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  1. Found these on Egay, Not what I'd consider reasonable, but others might...
  2. Anyone have one o' them high end CCT's available?
  3. You have quick hands and a very small funnel, don't you...
  4. Thought I mentioned that I'm a freak and prefer to read the damn thing... once anyway. yeah, well, untill I get the 8K in medical bills paid off, I'm gonna be a cheap prick. After that, I'll just be a prick.
  5. I've seen the service and parts pdf's, I'm one of those geeks that actually read the little book under the seat on my '99 and would like to see it for the '02. If it's really there and I'm just not seeing it, please lead me by the hand as I can be a tard at times and need all the help I can get.
  6. It is the Acumen gear indicator. We have several riders with this set-up now. It will also work for the digital cockpit version..... How would it be set up in the digital cockpit? Not sure I need one, but it is kind of a neat idea.
  7. I'll be buying EBC's for the new bike soon. Never had a problem with them in the rain or any other time. Even snow didn't bother them.
  8. She was late teens, early 20's at most. Still in PJ bottoms on the way to work. Just had no license, no insurance and someone elses car. Oh, and her head up her ass. Convex mirrors? damn, wish I'd thought of that years ago. I can use them but have to think about focusing on them right now. Have some on a work truck and really jacks me up everytime I look at them. I was told that my red jacket on the silverbird doesn't look right today. Maybe I'll get the same awarness as you now... Hopefully.
  9. an owners manual for the 2002 model? My newbike doesn't have one. PDF or pretty much any digital version is fine too, just want to read it at least once.
  10. I have a Joe Rocket in Red that is similar. I got hit at 8:00 AM in broad daylight. I don't think th eyellow would have made much difference. Maybe, but if the blind bitch couldn't see the headlight in her face... And good call, I'm already pretty annoying; ask my wife... Good call, I've worked with it in the past. Works well too. I'll have to find some and sew it on my jacket, luggage, pants & anything else that may be seen.
  11. I was looking at these earlier. No question I'll have one of these. not a bad choice I guess, I'd want them to be always on rather than needing a switch but I can see where they would get attention. Thanks for the suggestions.
  12. After having been run over while sitting at a stoplight, I'd like some suggestions on gear to increase visibility. Mainly I'm thinking Headlight modulator and LED taillights with various patterns. What am I missing? I'd just like retarded cagers on their cellphones to see me before they feel the bike under their wheels. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Byron
  13. GriffbsXX

    Future Rider

    Philip, have you bought stock in hairspray yet or is varnish a viable option? I like it too. Would ahve had one years ago but the Navy didn't approve...
  14. Ok, new bike is now in my garage. Still needs the throtlemiester or 1 black bar end and some other stuf I'll post once I make a list. Thanks all, Byron
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