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    If I had a BB already, I sure wouldnt be here on the comp, I would be out riding it..

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  1. hmmmm  mr freeman.. I see you visited my page??? my handsome stalker. love you mr freeman...you sexy beast!

  2. I know your not on here anymore. but just wanted to tell you that I love you, and hope you had a good birthday. love you mr freeman. I still hang on to the dream of being mrs freeman.

  3. love you so much Mr Freeman.  Your amazing.

  4. Tamron lens 200-500 auto focus (for a Canon) 5-6.3 f stop lens lock on it serviced by Tamron factory in 2015 buying another lens, does not need this one. on craigslist Louisville Kentucky $500 for board members.
  5. love you so much aubert. wish that we was one. love being with you.

  6. love that man that I adore... wishing we were one.

  7. Im in love with this terrific guy, whom I wish was mine forever.

  8. it says salvage, and clear??? so which one is it?
  9. glad i was thought of , thank to all of you. i am really glad it sold to someone who would appreciate it. it went fast. I am determined, and now know, that it is possible for me to have one yet. thank you again and again. it sure looked like a nice bike. and i will not let the dream of owning one go.. again, thank you.
  10. how much do one of these cbrfs go for now a days? I have always liked the look of them.
  11. I check this daily to see if it sold.. looks good.
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