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  1. Please include a large bottle of eye bleach!
  2. As Carlos said, most likely you are experiencing water hammering. a combination of pump pulses and restrictions in the line will produce it. I used to get it occasionally in my previous house while on city water pressure. No pump but would get some hammering when I turned the single handle shower water valve on. Certain specific levels of line pressure resistance would cause it to hammer and adjusting the valve harder on or harder off momentarily would stop it. Plumber told me to replace the valve.
  3. I currently have two left in stock and just spoke with Honda this morning since I have had 45 on order for over 2 weeks now. They are on backorder from Japan but should be here within the next 2 weeks or so.
  4. I run pure gas in all of my small engines. Weed wacker, edger, mower etc as recommended by small engine mechanics.
  5. I just paid 3.29 today for ethanol free and the E10 was 2.78 Generally here the difference in regular E10 and Ethanol free is always about .50 a gallon. Down in Fort Lauderdale the difference was over .90 per gallon.
  6. Shouldn't have a problem connecting. You may have a problem buying if you decide to do so. The shipping calculator is acting up and sometimes will not let you select shipping method.
  7. http://bikebits.us/cbr1100xx-blackbird-products-c14/
  8. If I can be of any help, let me know. John, Jaws, sold the business over a year ago and the new owners are struggling to maintain what John built. I speak with and email back in forth with him monthly but he and his wife Maureen are traveling most of the time now that he has retired. I still sell him CCT's and Vista Cruises for the online store. He still supplies me with the Push-pins and a few misc items. I am facebook friends with about 10 BIRD members and can message them to be on the lookout for a laser cut metal chain guard. Edited since I saw where you got a reply from John on the BIRD forum. Pyramid Plastics made the metal guards.
  9. Take a look at this link to Jaws-Motorcycles.co.uk They offer the PowerBronze hugger with guard built-in, in both plastic and real carbon fiber (I have the carbon fiber hugger). They also do sell a metal chain guard that is black chrome and looks good if you do not have a hugger. LINK: http://www.hondablackbird.co.uk/bird4.htm#hug
  10. Steve, I ran a 10.67 with my 01 Bird at PBIR. I rode the bike there ran a few passes and rode it back home (50 miles each way) stock gearing I used to go a few times a year with Adam, Beondwacko, with his 01 Bird. Adam strapped his front end but with stock gearing ran 10.3's with some regularity. Adam was serious about his times and I was there to have some fun and try to learn how to launch better, but I was unsuccessful in the end! I always had poor 60' times.
  11. And to add to this.......You must run a baseline initial run to compare with the final Dyno run to accurately determine net gains.
  12. I just ordered a pair of these from Revzilla for touring on the new FJR. The Dainese Motorshoe Air https://www.revzilla.com/motorcycle/dainese-motorshoe-air
  13. I was 17 years ago! I will have to dig out the dyno sheets. I do remember that it was stronger across the board alone with the elimination of the 5000 RPM hesitation that was so common. I don't remember what the torque numbers were but don't think there was much of a gain there.
  14. I will throw in my .02 worth. Back in 2001 when i bought my Bird new with 0.6 miles on the clock, took it straight to a friend in North Miami that does most of the bike set-ups for the track in So Florida. Kevin Blais was a World Superbike Team Kawasaki Technician for a number of years until his wife developed cancer. After her passing he opened Blais Cycle in Miami. Blais Cycle is the only people that I have trusted to do any work on my Bird to this day. After breakin at approx 750 miles on the clock, she was put on the Dyno for a full stock baseline run. The Dyno showed 134.2 hp in completely stock form replaced stock full exhaust with a full titanium Akcropovic Race system. K&N air filter, Oil/filter change and installed a Power Commander. After multiple Dyno runs and tweeks on the PC the final run showed 149.9 hp. All work was performed on the same day in an air conditioned controlled Dyno Room. Somewhere I still have the Dyno printout for both stock and custom final runs with time and date stamps.
  15. The earlier model Birds in Europe came factory with a headlight on/off switch. If you find a Euro model switch pod it is plug and play on all US models. I have one on my Bird. They were in demand back when HID was hot. The main problem with long life with HID headlights was the limited number of on/off cycles before giving up the ghost. When you turn the ignition on, the HID headlight fires up, hit the starter button HID turns off and then back on after engine fires. The Bird fires up easily so usually only 2 on/off cycles per start but with the switch installed it is only necessary to turn the HID on after the engine is running. My only problem is that many times I forget to turn the headlight on after starting up during the day! Illegal to ride without the headlight on. I have been stopped and talked my way out of a ticket without disclosing I have a switch.
  16. 2 LED Boards are heading your way today. Tracking number was emailed to you
  17. Two headed your way today. Emailed you tracking #
  18. You should have received an email with the tracking number. Three headed to Montana tomorrow with an expected delivery date of 07/28 Saturday. Payment included shipping, thank you.
  19. I googled the CTL-0026-IT part number from Clear Alternatives and found this picture and description. The BlackBird Taillight is big and uses two of the boards as shown in the picture. You have options on the integrated signals with two boards. Pictured is turn signal wires from both boards hooked up but you can just hook up the turn signals wires on the upper or just the lower for brighter running/brake lights. Hope that makes sense! http://www.streetracerparts.com/Honda_CBR_1100XX_Blackbird_1999_2005_LED_Taillight_p/ctl-0025-it.htm
  20. Not sure if they will fit inside the housing of the earlier model years that have a smaller tail light housing which is why i listed the actual physical size of the board itself. I think they will but not positive since I only owned the later models myself.
  21. edited with price added. When they go to ebay the price becomes $25.00 shipped on ebay
  22. Here is a picture of the replacement LED tail light circuit board that will fit into many motorcycle taillight housings. The turn signals are integrated as well. Main wiring harness plugs right into the stock light socket and color coded turn signal wires splice in. Simple replacement on the BlackBird or many other bikes with large rear facing taillight housings. The physical board measures: 2" X 4.5" Pictured are two boards to view the front and back side. $17.00 per board shipped Priority Mail in the US. I have 10 boards available.
  23. Send Mack a Private Message and he will respond. He has not been on this board much lately. I have two of them and they fit into my Bird collection nicely.
  24. WOW! Welcome Steve pegs should be easy to find here very soon!
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