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  1. I've got a complete head, cams and valve cover for that bike from a low mileage 98 if it would help you or a buyer. Hank
  2. Fred, the Turbo BB is back in Jacksonville. Matt moved there when he got out of the service. Damn bike gets around, doesn't it? Then again, so do you...lol Hank
  3. Haven't talked to Graham in years. The swing arm was my design and I hoped he would do the machining and we'd sell some but he stopped producing parts. I do have a mint, very low mileage 03 swing arm I'd sell reasonably. It would be a good core for someone to extend. Let me know if you'd be interested...
  4. Here's another option. I had the rear portion of the stock seat covered with a gloss black material and the front was finished as a solo seat. The work was done by Sargent in Jacksonville. The bike was built by a member here who wrecked it and sold it to me. I rebuilt it and changed a few things around and resold it.
  5. Have you seen this one? https://www.cbrxx.com/threads/2000-titanium-blackbird.49457/
  6. The 2007 DODGE SRT8 is not available in all wheel drive... 2 breweries within a mile of the lot!
  7. I'm listing 3 vehicles from the lot that I think might be of interest to someone here. These are sold from a licensed NYS dealership after going through our shop, with a state inspection and with a 6 month, 7500 warranty. No sales tax collected from out of state buyers. Temporary tags available with your insurance. The warranty is good Nationwide and can be extended as well as its coverage expanded. Shipping is on you, or do a fly-drive or I might deliver for expenses. 1. 2007 Chrysler Aspen Limited Edition, all wheel drive, 4.7 liter Hemi, tow package, heated cloth power seats...
  8. Road 4's aren't available but were great tires... Currently on Road 5's...equally great but Michelins are pricey! Wore out my Angel GT's in 6000 miles and they rode like shit...very stiff sidewall.
  9. Joe, send me all the info on the vehicle and the rear...
  10. Teds road racing background led him to build a tool that was very quick to install and check alignment. It was in his truck at every race and made it easy to verify wheel alignment after sprocket changes or chain adjustment. I screwed up not getting one from him when he was selling them. Today, the tool would need a redesign to fit wider tires but it self centers by virtue of the design and is quick and accurate. It could easily be upgraded with a lazer and a couple sights.
  11. A road racer named Ted Henter made a wheel alignment tool back around 1980. It worked on the same principal as Reds lazer. The lazer would be a logical upgrade to Teds tool. Here's a link showing the tool and an description: https://books.google.com/books?id=m0o1ii_30AkC&pg=RA1-PA98&lpg=RA1-PA98&dq=ted+henter+motorcycle+wheel+alignment+tool&source=bl&ots=BQD6uQnN1O&sig=C3Dr_wCFcL8fubsp11a_MTdtdd4&hl=en&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwiOzuL7rNTeAhWx1FkKHYOAC-gQ6AEwCXoECAwQAQ#v=onepage&q=ted henter motorcycle wheel alignment
  12. How did you make out with the Carra bearing spacers?

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    2. CALCXX


      Thank you. I had the wrong idea. Sounds like I need to put it back together and use a depth gauge? Did you find it to be short? Is that why you turned a new inner spacer? 



      No, to long...the shoulder protruded past the inner race. tightening up the axle would allow the inner bearings to turn on the shoulder...the spacing of the bearings was fine but I wanted to maintain stock axle torque and the Carra instructions said cut it in half...NG with the turbo

      I got the feeling you are confused about the overall idea of why I did what I did??



      The overall length of the inner spacer was fine. The bearing spacing was fine.

      The shoulder that sticks thru the bearing was to long. The spacer was aluminum.

      I remade it out of SS to stock dimensions except the shoulder was shortened to .010"

      less the the thickness of the bearings inner race.
      All spacers from Carra had the shoulders to long and inner dimensions to sloppy to suit me.

      That red anodized one looked like shit and was loose too.
      I remade all the spacers and polished the ones you could see.

  13. Cal, get Joe to send those spacers to you. The red anodized one was supplied by Carra and installs on the brake side. You will be able to see how they assemble once they are in front of you. I can then explain the dimensions I changed.
  14. Joe, I'll look thru my bike stuff but I'm sure I gave you every BB part I had except a very low mileage 03 swing arm and a complete cherry 97-98 cylinder head, cams and valve cover.. Let u know in a day or 2.
  15. Put my name on those Tim and Thanks!!! I'll pm you my address. Still waiting to hear if your daughter is going to Stevens...
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