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    Turbo Project questions

    I had to do some digging through old invoices (some back to 2007) but that number is correct. I ordered from the custom gasket division of Cometic and specified .075" MLS head gasket for CBR1100XX with 79 mm bore. Surface prep is important and a smooth almost polished surface is preferred...30Ra or so. Some install the MLS gaskets dry and I have also used a thin coating of spray Hylomar...no head gasket failures either way. Hope that helps. Hey xxturbo, how much HP and TQ did u finally end up making??

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    I have a buddy who has a tank truck and delivers gas. He had a chance to truck a load to a small engine manufacturer. He took the job and was surprised when they ordered 6000 gals of av gas. He asked why and they said they used it to put a splash in each engine to test fire it. Any left over was allowed to remain in the system since it would evaporate harmlessly and leave no residue. This was per the engine manufacturers engineers. He had turbo bikes too and used av gas all the time.

    Is it OK to run Aviation Gas in my 2003 XX??

    I used to occasionally run av gas in my Turbo since it safely allowed about 3 more pounds of boost. It didn't harm anything and left no harmful residue if/when it evaporated.

    Ohlins fork valving installation instructions.

    What do you mean by "work on?" Call Ohlins USA at: 800-336-9029 then follow prompts. Motorcycle tech guys there have been very helpful. If the shim stacks are built already, install is the same as stock. I'd suggest 5 wt fork oil with an air gap of 140mm, decreased to 125mm for less fork dive while braking. What springs are you using?

    Givi V35's

    Sorry, need the inners only, for my V35's... Great bags guys at a very fair price. I have a lot of trips on mine..and a bump for the seller!!!

    Givi V35's

    Don't have the inner bags for them, do you?

    FS - 1997 Turbo XX

    Wrong Bike...:) CBR Bear's was white and normally aspirated

    FS - 1997 Turbo XX

    Furbird, I only asked because I was curious. There is a lot to be said for fuel injection but with the amount of quality turbo Blackbirds for sale, one can't be to picky. Going back to 97-98 when Mark Moisan was selling the Blackbird turbo kits, the bikes were carbed. When the FI bikes came out in 99, Mark bought one and took it apart to fabricate a turbo kit. After a couple months of making stuff, he took it back apart and reassembled it stock and sold it. At the time, there were problems he couldn't work his way through. I don't know if it was the original computer, no boost referenced Power Commander or what but he decided against it. Today, Hahn makes FI kits as well as Jack Frost in England (Holeshot Racing UK.) http://www.holeshotracing.online/pdf/turbo-pricelist/tbikehonCBR11XXcarb161111.pdf http://www.holeshotracing.online/pdf/turbo-pricelist/tbikehonCBR11XXcarb161111.pdf Graham and I also offered kits for both but the aggravation far outweighed the fun. My bike always gave flawless performance with carbs as well as giving 42+ mpg. I set them slightly rich under boost for longevity, always used Top Tier premium gas and never had carb problems.

    FS - 1997 Turbo XX

    Old joke: How do you build a $10,000.00 bike? Spend $20,000.00... Before I delivered the bike to Fred, I put on a new Supersprox rear and new front sprocket and new EK ZZZ chain, new Pilot Powers, new plugs, did a leak down, synced the carbs,new brake pads all around and changed all hydraulic fluids...pretty much anything and everything I could think of for him to get a "perfect" used bike. He called me a month later and said the clutch was starting to slip. (Fucking Winer...:)).I sent him new fibers, steels, new Barnett Clutch springs and a very, very low mileage inner and outer clutch basket that I had tucked away.. BTW, Fred lowering the price makes this a no brainer....BUY IT before he sobers up!
  10. Little late to the party, aren't ya Fred?
    Notice the 3rd (iirc) post?

    Be happy to fill in a perspective buyer with details.

    Good Luck!
    Hope all is well.



    Ultimate XX build.

    Not exactly a new bike, but perhaps an alternative to consider: Call FredX and buy the turbo BB I sold him...you'll still have money left over. Full details/pics from when I built the bike available but full Penske suspension (frt & rear) set up on suspension dyno, Carrazzeria wheels, everything powder coated, LSL bar kit and one of 2 custom turbo kits by Mark Moisan with high and low boost. Completely reliable and spotless when sold...most of the guys here know the bike.

    Leakdown tester

    Leakdown testing not only locates the problem but also shows the extent of the problem. It is very important with turbocharged & supercharged engines which operate with much higher cylinder pressures than NA engines. Cal, don't forget to remove the valve from the adapter when testing leakdown.

    200mph ++ HOW TO..??

    Mark Moisan (American Turbo Systems now closed) gave a turbo kitted bird to a magazine back in 98. They fried it with the first top end attempt but ran 200+ after Mark put pistons in it and richened it up in his motel room overnight. Sea level at Daytona Beach during Bike Week 1998. Weak turbo (Aerocharger) kit available to the public. Mark also won the horsepower shootout at AMI during Bikeweek 8 times. Smart SOB and an old friend.

    Dead cylinder

    Busa guys use BB injectors as an upgrade when turbocharging. Spend $20. each, throw the shit in a box, and eliminate the injectors as a source of problems.