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  1. How did you make out with the Carra bearing spacers?

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    2. CALCXX


      Thank you. I had the wrong idea. Sounds like I need to put it back together and use a depth gauge? Did you find it to be short? Is that why you turned a new inner spacer? 



      No, to long...the shoulder protruded past the inner race. tightening up the axle would allow the inner bearings to turn on the shoulder...the spacing of the bearings was fine but I wanted to maintain stock axle torque and the Carra instructions said cut it in half...NG with the turbo

      I got the feeling you are confused about the overall idea of why I did what I did??



      The overall length of the inner spacer was fine. The bearing spacing was fine.

      The shoulder that sticks thru the bearing was to long. The spacer was aluminum.

      I remade it out of SS to stock dimensions except the shoulder was shortened to .010"

      less the the thickness of the bearings inner race.
      All spacers from Carra had the shoulders to long and inner dimensions to sloppy to suit me.

      That red anodized one looked like shit and was loose too.
      I remade all the spacers and polished the ones you could see.


    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Cal, get Joe to send those spacers to you. The red anodized one was supplied by Carra and installs on the brake side. You will be able to see how they assemble once they are in front of you. I can then explain the dimensions I changed.

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Joe, I'll look thru my bike stuff but I'm sure I gave you every BB part I had except a very low mileage 03 swing arm and a complete cherry 97-98 cylinder head, cams and valve cover.. Let u know in a day or 2.

    Free books

    Put my name on those Tim and Thanks!!! I'll pm you my address. Still waiting to hear if your daughter is going to Stevens...

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Carra spec'd half the torque value on the rear axle due to possibly crushing the Carra POS 6061 alum wheel and bearing spacers. In addition, the shoulder that went through the bearing was to long, not capturing the inner race. I just didn't think cutting rear axle torque in half was a good idea with 255HP and 155 lbs TQ was safe, so I redid all spacers. Never had a drawing, just worked off the old spacers and new wheel. As far as the wheels go, there were 2 rear designs. The first one had a sprocket carrier which bolted to the wheel. This was prone to failure. The second was a one piece design and worked well.

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Tell Joe to look for a baggie with wheel bearings and a red anodized spacer among other spacers. I replaced the Carra spacers with custom SS stuff, made to proper dimensions so the bearing stack actually worked...lol

    Spacers Carrozzeria wheels

    Cal, Matt is in the armed forces serving overseas. I haven't heard from him in a year. Joe has all the stock spacers from my Carra's.. I gave him all my BB parts a couple years ago. IIRC, they were stock dimensions but I built the turbo around 06-07

    Aftermarket wheels

    This may help: http://www.cbrxx.com/suspension-tires-wheels-brakes/16967-afermarket-wheels-sets-post-your-pictures-related-data-please.html Hank

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    I didn't realize the motor had been built... Which cylinder had the anti freeze in it? IIRC, I slipped #3 out without disassembling the engine. Some are possible, some NG but I don't remember which was which. You have a great combo there....be a shame not to get it running again. Time...head gasket...ring set....odds and ends= irreplaceable bike! Fix it Forrest or send it out for repair.

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    A quick fix. depending on which cylinder is hurt (not all are accessable), is to pull the pan and remove the rod cap, then the rod and piston. Run a ball hone through the cylinder and put a low mileage piston back in. This worked on one motor for me and frankly, wasn't the nicest of fixes but it saved time and money. After running it for a while, leakdown was slightly lower in that cylinder but still well within reason. As far as degreeing the cams go, turbos can benefit from more exhaust flow. I used a FI exhaust cam with a carbed intake and degreed them but didn't really see much of an improvement. I also degreed the stock cams and again, not much of an improvement. You want improvement, add some boost...but you know that, right...:)

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    The ZX-14 didn't excite me either until I rode one. I bought John Perez's and rode it for 2 years, sold it and bought a used 2012 ZX14R. Still riding it today....I think it's a natural progression from the BB, if you can past by the looks.

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    I got a real nice 03 stocker in trade when I sold my turbo. After riding it around the block once, I immediately listed it for sale. Pay someone else to fix it?

    The Turbo XX is dead.

    I'd leak it down before I pulled anything apart. It will give insight into whether you need to do more than just fix the leak. IIRC, you have a air-water intercooler...Is that system full? Are you sure it's anti-freeze in the cylinder? The head bolts are pretty stout on these as are the hard parts...I'd guess you have a failed head gasket. Guess its possible to have a cracked sleeve but kinda doubtful. I may have a low mileage head around if you find u need one. Hank

    Replacing head stock races.

    Freeze the races before install...they will go in much easier.

    Turbo Project questions

    I had to do some digging through old invoices (some back to 2007) but that number is correct. I ordered from the custom gasket division of Cometic and specified .075" MLS head gasket for CBR1100XX with 79 mm bore. Surface prep is important and a smooth almost polished surface is preferred...30Ra or so. Some install the MLS gaskets dry and I have also used a thin coating of spray Hylomar...no head gasket failures either way. Hope that helps. Hey xxturbo, how much HP and TQ did u finally end up making??