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  1. Not mine, but a very recent ad on Craigslist, specifically the Northwest Chicago 'burbs Parts
  2. I tried numerous methods without success a few years ago restoring a ZX6E tank. What ended up finally working like a champ was muriatic acid. It goes without saying, but gloves, a mask and goggles are a necessity and the cleanup is very messy. In hindsight I probably should have just sourced another tank for the effort, but it absolutely worked.
  3. I'd like to think so, though I'm sure I'm missing a reference somewhere.
  4. Now that you mention it, I got some Ti in my left leg holding the 2 bones together from a low-side on a XB12R a few years ago.
  5. Interesting, I never thought I'd see the chemical symbols for gold and silver used on a motorcycle forum 😀
  6. Damn, I'm sorry to hear that! I definitely appreciate my new-to-me oem screen, so thanks again for that. I'll be sure to pay it forward on the site when I eventually get the double bubbly screen. That Givi I believe is in near perfect condition. I dont know much about that brand as I dont get into luggage, but maybe you can get a few bucks from it, or have it for a very nice spare? Anyway, very much appreciated and have a great(hopefully long) holiday weekend!!
  7. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but doubtful😁 Aside from tire changes and bearings here and there, I've wrenched on ALL my bikes for a number of years. Not gonna lie though, that was a pain in the balls(and I only say that because it was just a windscreen).
  8. Long story short, the way the screen has to line up and slide down just right wasnt condusive to well nuts staying put. In all fairness though, it may not have been so bad if my garage wasnt sweltering hot. It was probably overkill, but I ended up removing the 2 upper inside trim pieces that afix to the cluster. That helped a bit. All said though, I'm very happy with the appearance . More sporty.
  9. What an absolutely excruciating experience that was. A windscreen truly doesnt need to be as complicated as that was to reinstall. Luckily I had a stash of welnuts laying around, because I used damn near all of them. WOW.😐
  10. Well, speaking of which! And a day early! I can tell already, the stock is noticeably shorter. Bill, thank you, sir!
  11. Glad you got the screen in one piece. I guess I'll find out tomorrow, but I'm very curious to see how much higher your new Givi screen sits once installed compared to stock.
  12. Short of it truly being pieces to a BBJ (kinda doubt, but maybe), I'd imagine the same 😐
  13. Bonus question- So I'll be trading my Givi touring windscreen with XXitanium for his OEM Honda one. I removed the windscreen and found this wadded up between the windscreen and rear of cluster. Anyone know WTH its purpose is? I assume its intended purpose is to wrap around and weather protect the 2 harness connectors in my pic? I cant locate it anywhere in the parts fiche
  14. OH sorry, just noticed your question regarding the bars- yes, mine are OEM
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