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  1. I did, I did. That was a long time ago. I think it was red. What's the mileage, add-ons, and let me know what you're asking. I might need more adventure this summer.
  2. I don't think your XX is under undue stress. Turbo? High speed runs? Commercial towing? Stock aluminum works for most folks just fine. You can get 5 of those for one custom copper and brass masterpiece that will still go to shit once road crap and chemicals get on it. I'm sure it's a fine piece of kit, but you don't need a Rolls Royce to get to Walmart. (I was going to say you don't need to have a fancy wedding and reception just to get a blow job, but this is a publicly viewable forum....)
  3. Grab one off ebay. They fit a variety of bikes with the same brand braking systems. I know several yamaha models use the same switch. So if you see it listed for lots of different bikes, it's real, not just a universal switch you need to adapt.
  4. Blue was available pretty much everywhere except the US.
  5. I was going to say just buy a different one until i saw that picture... The very first thing i would do is to take a look in the tank.
  6. Things like that are best fastened in place with sheet metal screws into the gas tank.
  7. Got up for work last night, had the truck heater on. Went out in the cold and started right up. Came back in to finish getting ready, I heard the truck shut off. Fuck. Ran the codes quick before I left with the old Chevy (no heat, no defrost, 12 degrees out). P200E cleared. Went out this morning after work (8 degrees) and plugged in the computer. Didn't start it. EGT13 (the one with the resister) reads 600. No, 900. No, 334. No, 517. No, 936. Fuck this. I took an old sensor, safety wired it to the exhaust pipe, and plugged it in. Ran like a
  8. forscan saves the file. I just haven't figured out how to get the file to play back unless I'm connected to the truck.
  9. And expecting 18 inches of snow next week. Can't wait much longer, will have to dig into it no matter what.
  10. Update 2/12/21 Got the truck inspected last month, in and out, 40 minutes and $40, no sweat. Sometime shortly after I had the window open, which is unusual in this weather and heard a moaning sound while turning. No play in the front end, and the loudest place I could here the sound was the left lower ball joint. Of course they're not greasable, so I drilled a hole, tapped it, and put in a grease fitting. Can you imagine that in this entire town, nobody had a taper thread grease fitting? Hell, I know I do, I just can't find them in this disaster of a garage. Once I greased t
  11. A towel still flows air. And with a direct drive fan it may not be so dicey but there's still a chance of it getting free and making a royal mess of something. Trucks usually have snap on vinyl covers. Otherwise use cardboard. It doesn't flow air, is bendable enough to get it past supports and braces, but stiff enough not to get wrapped around the wrong things if it gets loose. The block doesn't just shield the radiator, it decreases air flow around the engine as well. Coolant just going through the bypass stays in the radiator long enough to get down to
  12. Cold in Pittsburgh, ain't it? They gotta be nice and warm to flex enough to come off.
  13. Yep, key in run. It didn't work, I didn't pursue it. Yes, it's auto. I installed the resistor in place of the sensor so it showed a value, and wouldn't throw a code. You can play with it at racer.
  14. Yeah, I've read the description and explanation of the code. Sensors on the truck are PTC, so signal voltage increases with temperature. My assumption is that the only things that will cause an overtemp signal would be a faulty sensor, a faulty ECM, or an actual overtemp situation. A break in the wire or contact to ground due to harness damage should lose signal, creating a non-working or absent sensor and generating a code for that specific sensor. I have no DPF, but the cat is retained. EGT13 (bank 1, number 3) sensor is crossed with a resistor that allows a low leve
  15. There's a fair amount of discussion about it from forums. Not fixing it, just bitching about it. There are codes for the individual sensors, I don't know why the non-specific P200E code generates, but it may be that there's a signal from all the sensors, but the difference between two of them is significant to throw the code. I can't find any documentation to that effect. When it codes, the info panel reads "stop engine safely" or something like that. Supposedly, the truck should continue running until it slows to 5mph, then the engine will stop. In reality, it just
  16. posting from my computer rather than my phone, so perhaps the read will be more understandable and all. P200E is the code, not P0200. Sorry to send you chasing in the wrong direction, Oscar. P200E is a general code for EGT out of range or sensor issue. I've never gotten a code for a specific sensor. That would be great. I hooked it all up real time yesterday and graphed out, ran like a top so I know no more than I did before. Any real information on this particular year/engine is nearly nonexistent. At this point I'd consider just crossing them all with the sam
  17. There were a few things i was hoping to do with whatever program i got involved with. Initially, i was just incensed that there was no way to know which tpms sensor was sending a lot signal without manually checking the you're pressure. That's stupid, right? My chevy says LF, RR, like it should. My 2008 F350 just gives me a pressure alert. So i wanted a way to find that out. Seems that forscan still can't do that, but it can allow me to change the low limit on the tpms to something other than 80 pounds. Now that i had the sudden shiutoff issue that i traced to one of the three
  18. This is what I need...Forscan for dummies. At the recommendations of several forum guys I looked closely at Forscan, ended up getting the OBD dongle they recommend for $50 off Amazon, and downloaded the software. I figured my options were $400 for Auto Enginuity scanner, or $50 plus however many years license I purchase from Forscan. Their full license is available as a 2 month trial for free, so I'm checking it out. Complicated, and I'm not used to working in hexadecimals, but we'll see how it goes. I'm able to access much more information in real time than I can w
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