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  1. Really really wish I'd had this much action on mine...LOL Good luck with the sale, it's a great price! NO, we don't want it...lol Too many payments to make...lol
  2. 2013 Street Triple R. 2160 miles. 90% left on Pilot Pure tires. 8500 takes it home. The bike is financed so the lien release process will have to be gone through. Located near Nashville, TN. Basically, my Mini was going to need way too much work and I had to buy a new car. Hell, I never find time to ride anyways, and she's just sitting in the garage now that Dutch has his Speed Triple. My email is abrumit07@gmail.com . I don't get on the board much so hit me there or on FB or text my cell if you know me.
  3. sucks those boots are too big...I wear a 10-10.5...yes, my feet are big for a chick...me and Dutch wear the same size. :-)
  4. If I didn't just buy a house.....................beautiful bike! GLWS!
  5. I just unloaded a 93 Ninja 600 and it gets close to 60mpg even at that age...great bikes!
  6. In TN with cars you can get a rebuilt title if you can prove the vehicle has been fixed. I took pictures of my car wrecked, then pics of it fixed and took it all to DMV and got the salvage title changed to a rebuilt title and tagged it. Might be worth checking into, especially if you can get a mechanic to certify it's safe for street use as a bonus.
  7. I wish that'd been out when I got my 600...I paid 2k for it and it's a 94...
  8. Ok, I'm bumping this...Dude is getting desparate...look what I found on MY bike when we got there today!! NBL
  9. I've ridden on that bike, and that bike is worth every penny of what he's asking. Now be a good little boy and go back in the pub.
  10. Well, you ain't ALWAYS nice or productive, but once in awhile you surprise us... Besides, my momma probly felt that way about me...
  11. Don't take less than what it's worth because someone tried to sabotage the sale with a dumbass remark like that. We all know what that bike is worth, and no dealer would dare take less than what you're asking with what's included. Barry, my momma always told me, "If you ain't got nothin nice or productive to say, STFU!"
  12. Dutch get a bike yet, Angee??? No, we're not in a position to buy the 14. What position are you in? Sorry Angee, I couldn't help myself. :icon_lamesign: :icon_nana: Ask Dutch... He doesn't want a zx14 anyway...I'm on my own bike now, so he's looking at something different...he can rail it, but ride comfortably 2-up if need be...but then, he's also kind of wanting a track toy too...
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