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  1. If I'm going Chinese I'll sometimes add some chili pate to my sesame oil for flavor. When frying a turkey I'll sometimes add some salt to the peanut oil. I don't mind a little Pekake in my massage oil either
  2. Have you tried running Sea-Foam through both the gas tank and also through a vaccuum line? It may well simply be carbon built up that could dissapate with the Sea-foam... for $6 it may be worth a shot.
  3. They make a special one for Harley's?!?!?! Seems silly to me as I've always seen them simply leaving their oil everywhere anyway. Was there ever a problem with getting oil OUT of one of them?
  4. LAME... someone had to say it!
  5. Things to watch out for: Cops (already mentioned) Cupped tires (Already mentioned) Gravel Sand Wet corners Women driving SUV's Any teens with cell phones (which is all teens) The bike itself, there is little to nothing to worry but don't go for salvaged or beaten bikes unless you REALLY know your stuff, this would cause nothing but headaches.
  6. I use Tide in the laundry mat machine, comes out all shiney and smells great too! I finish it off with a little WD-40, Olive oil, or whatever I have lying around for that glossy look :twisted:
  7. Massage oil - maybe something like Pikake as women seem to dig it. Some guys are using WD-40 but that's just too expensive for me as I cahnge mine about every 200 miles.
  8. Not all speedometers are off, my Acura reads dead-on, so does my ladies LExus. Both my bikes (Honda's) are @7% optimistic on the speed but accurate on the odometer as calibrated on my GPS. My BMW and Porsche were also off about 7%... quite common for most vehicles... My question, with those do-dads that recalibrate your speedometer does it not then screw up your odometer being they are running on the same cable or sensor?
  9. Take it from the guy who just wrote Redd a ticket... he knows his shit!
  10. Barry, Help me understand Why you would try to save a couple dollars in opting for a cheap model instead of having the peace of mind of either a Passport or V1. For crying out loud, your next ticket will likely run you over $500 + a serious pain in the ass (if caught really speeding it could literally be a "pain in the ass"). Spend the 3 bills and fogetaboutit! Cry once, buy smart, then be happy... If you wanted cheap you would have bought a GW or a Bird. BTW - sorry to hear about teh sadness with the x-GF, you've got some great advice from the boys. Most of all, severe the "friendship" right
  11. Steve


    Semi-related, make sure taht you fully charge teh battery. Most wrongfully assume that the batery completely charges on the bike, this is NOT correct. Use a battery tender or equivelant to fully charge it otherwise it'll be deficient for life as the bike's electrical system will not maximize the capacity. As for the problem you're having regarding the voltage, sounds like a ground problem and they are a bitch to diagnos... sorry can't help you much there. Good luck.
  12. CBR bearing company was awesome to work with http://www.cbrbearing.com/ They must be cool with a name like "CBR"! Excellent prices, great customer services too. They're out of San Diego
  13. Had no problem with mine when new, even less when used. Used the longer tire spoons with great luck (2 of them helps a lot)
  14. Invalid Poll... such a breach of board laws could have you disbarred... don't let it happen again! For anyone inquiring about oil. There are no reprocussions on using Syn il, thre are no reprocussions on using syn/dino mix, and no reprocussions on using pure dino oil. Some use WD-40 while others prefer Canola. The bike will run fine on anything you put in it... there are no oil-related problems whatsoever
  15. $75 and two days to fix yours... probably a week turn around. This sit ehs ame guy who fix my buddies rim that Honda said was a total waste to even try...
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