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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2547016021978683/ In Austin Tx 1997 with a locked up motor and 2001 frame and engine
  2. I do not have a digital copy on this computer and my old one is in storage. At one time there was a post with a link to a download of the manual I am sure someone still has it.
  3. they are running a 15%off everything again up to 100 discount
  4. if it was minty fresh with 100K on the clock its going to be a very hard sell even at dirt cheap. Hell most people will not even consider a car with 100K on it.
  5. That is worth more than the whole Maverick lol
  6. new frontier armory also makes 9mm glock lower they even do an 80% PSA sells the New Frontier branded with there logo and I think a bit cheaper but I have not looked in a while. also check Joebobs they run some good deals on them now and again and with fathers day coming you might find a deal I would look careful before buying a non complete lower as there are some parts that may not interchange with a normal AR and some have working last round bolt hold open in the lower and some rely on the upper to do that if it matters to you. To me its not a big deal
  7. If he does that the buyer may have a claim with Ebay to get his deposit back.
  8. well hope you get to keep the 500 and you can lower the price to us lol
  9. best buy has 4-5 55" tvs under 500 and if you go for an open box even less. One day it will bite me in the ass but so far I have saved well over the cost of the last tv I purchased in never taking out extended warranty on anything. If they make it past the 1-3 year manufacturing time they should be good to go.
  10. I just went though buying a new TV and before you fork over for a used one take a look at the Vizio E series as long as she uses cable/Satellite as they do not have a tuner. Still a bit pricey but have a hell of a good picture. Or even one of there 1080P from last year. Vizio has came a long way in the last few years.
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