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  1. So is this a case of if you have to ask the price you cant afford it not in the market myself
  2. I can relate i rarely keep a car more than 2 years. I get tired of them and move on but most cars I get I do things to it to make it more to my liking.
  3. they need to sell it before it gets hot and people notice no AC.
  4. His kid was probably looking for one lol. A dealership handing over a check for a used car I would not have one worry about even if it had been for double that. No way a large dealership would risk there license over buying a used car.
  5. I take it where you are they do not subtract the trade in price from the new purchase price and only tax you on the difference. I know in cali they do not but in Tx they do. In my recent purchase of the f150 with trading in my tacoma I got 27K trade in value so subtracting that from the 33K of the new truck I was only taxed around 450 bucks on the transaction saving about 1300 or so in taxes if I had sold the Tacoma outright and no way it would have sold for 28,300 fast private party. I watched for a few weeks while looking and saw several similar to my trade selling at 28K and never moving off the lot. So depending on where you are and the rules sometimes it is a better deal to trade in a car over selling it outright. Glad you got a good price some one is getting a nice jeep when they buy it.
  6. why put the single seat off to one side and not in the center ?
  7. Its called a shipping company you give them a credit card number and in 10 days the bike is at your door
  8. I really have no issues with what was posted. I know it was a good deal and also know that people who never tried to get his lights would not understand.
  9. not a problem I was just trying to help out if anyone had a tacoma and wanted some hard to get items. I will just toss them on tacomaworld.
  10. So they cost me 37 and will cost 10 to ship. If you don't think its fair try and buy a new pair. He is a one man shop and the last 3 batches have sold out in under 10 minutes just like 90% of the stuff he makes.
  11. I got a set of white Meso custom led map lights for my 2018 tacoma and the fuckers are SUPER bright so much so I ordered a set of red and like them way better. If you know Meso's stuff its rated top notch and his web page is always out of stock on everything. Going to give anyone here a shot at them before I post them on Tacomaworld.com on Sunday. Throwing in his sticker also as I am not a sticker dude and I got 3 from other stuff anyways lol. they cost 37 bucks shipped and going to cost me around 8-10 bucks to ship so if you want them your looking at 47 bucks shipped. They might have 30 minutes of use on them at the most.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2547016021978683/ In Austin Tx 1997 with a locked up motor and 2001 frame and engine
  13. I do not have a digital copy on this computer and my old one is in storage. At one time there was a post with a link to a download of the manual I am sure someone still has it.
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