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  1. I moved to a new house last year, and had to get more space Snow load for the area is 458 kg/m2 or 94 lbs/sq ft. We usaly get about 6-7 feet of snow 🙄
  2. Finally getting to do the ground floor. Sheetrock, plaster and paint Workshop done Time to make other things..
  3. Now the winter is knocking on the door, and it is time to move indoors. First floor is the first priority. After insulation and moisture barrier being done, it is time to do the ceiling. Linda is staining before I nail up the tongue and groove ceiling. The the dividing wall has to come up. Floor is done, and the rest of the walls getting up. Linda has stained them before screw them to the wall. We use some of the knee wall for storage. Next is decorating, and get the furniture in the sewing room for Linda Now to get the mancave done My books are up, and a TV bench is made. Linda's granddaughter enjoying the home cinema. 10 speakers and a 75 inch tv. staircase and deck getting done.
  4. The roof is done, now we had the sides to get the garage cladded. we stained the planks before mounting them. Staircase made, and making it easier to get upstairs. Podia from Australia dropping in for a visit, touring Norway and a lot of Europe Looking good the windows, doors and garage doors installed Outside done
  5. Time to get some serious work done. 2 days to frame the ground floor. Third day the trusses came and was hoisted up. Then the first floor was done and the rest of the job was mine.... First the floor upstairs And then to get the sides covered, and the roof laid with tongue and groove panels. After this job, I hated shingle 🤣
  6. This is what I have been doing last year and a half Old garage had to go, and it took a week to demolish it 🤩 Then we had to blast a bit, and get the area big enough for the slab Next was to get it ready for concrete. Styrofoam and a lot of rebar work. Making it with a 1,5% slope from back to front for drainage. CONCRETE DAY I'm glad I hired help for this job. 1 week to keep it moist to let it cure Then a bit of foundation for the walls, and make it level. No wait for the carpenters to do the framework
  7. BearXX

    XX knocking

  8. Check the petcock diaphragm. http://www.cbr1100xx.org/forums/index.php?showtopic=58072
  9. Yes a 48 year old one. Welcome to the nut house you'll fit right in
  10. +1 He might be too embarrassed to post up a reply
  11. BearXX

    Jet kit?

    I put a kit in my old 97. Fixed the problem And it got a bit more power too
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