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  1. OK team, I FINALLY bought a left side engine cover and gasket for my 2000 XX. The existing one got rashed up a bit and I "patched" it with JB Weld - color was similar. But in truth, it looks like crap, and there has been a tiny oil leak - I suspect from this point. So in looking at my new cover, there appears to be components that attach to the insode of the cover. Can anyone share a procedure to do this swap-out for a guy with modest mechanical experience? Also, since I have the gasket, is it recommneded to use any liquid gasket material, or just let the gasket "do its thing?" Lastly, what about the place where the stator wires go into the cover - any "stuff" you recommend to apply there or will the rubber square that surrounds the wire group work well? Thanks in advance Mike (BigMig)
  2. Bump...let's say $200 ? Philadelphia metro area - just in case that makes a diference. Mike
  3. For sale - Shoei X-11 sz L full face (of course) helmet. Downsizing stuff in the garage. Can ship in Conti US. It does have small scratches in a couple places and the shield has a big scratch, so $225 seems fair. Vents work well and the liner, etc are in great shape. HAve a Shoei box that I can use to double box if shipping. $225 and split shipping.
  4. From their Website: Excellent capillary action on initial application, which allows the product to penetrate the tightest of gaps. After a few minutes the solvent evaporates leaving a highly adhesive, waterproof load bearing oil. Splash-proof and saltwater proof. Also resistant against non-concentrated acids and alkalis. Free from silicone, resin, and acid. Here's the Amazon page on it: http://www.amazon.com/Wurth-HHS-2000-Penet...t/dp/B0002XRDLE Evaproative base - seems good; doesn't attract crud = good, gets into tight places = good; -95F to +392 F = good; user says doesn't fling off = good. Could this be better than the DuPont teflon dry spray?
  5. Could you guesstimate how much of a temp difference this alum. radiator made in hot weather? Thanks,
  6. You guys ROCK. Thanks for all the GREAT INFO. Mike
  7. I watched a couple of Youtube videos about replacing a tire on a motorcycle...seems do-able - even for me. Seems that balancing might be trickier...and require a little finesse. Anybody have pics of a home made setup for balancing? Special Method/Tricks?
  8. Your welcome. Just go buy a set of irons and do it yourself. Watch a few videos on the process first. I did my first set last year. It takes a while the first time, but it is worth the knowledge gained. Videos? Do they also tell you about balancing, etc? Other stuff too?
  9. Many thanks, bro. THat's just the ticket! Can't wait for them to arrive...then to find an installer. Take care.
  10. Ok guys - my '01 bird needs new tires. If I mail order Pilot Road 2s, should I be concerned that they're really old stock and the rubber may not be so pliable? Then, who's the best vendor for these Pilot Roads? I'll need em shipped to Phialdelphia area...FYI Thanks,
  11. I think they're great...lightweight, inexpensive and when you get creative, you can do a TON of exercises with them. This is esp good if your hotel has an inadequate exercise rm. Mike
  12. PR3 - is that Pilot Road 3??? Reviews, etc? C'mon, hook a brother up! Mike
  13. Hey, team, I'm ready to order some new Pilot Road 2s for my 2000 xx. I've read posts talking of "touring and 2-up" tire sizes vs std which is 180/55-17. Can somebody clarify this for me? Benefits/drawbacks - cost differential (of course)? No change in the size of the front, correct (120/70-17 - right?) Thanks, Mike
  14. I'm sure they'd work on a 97-03 XXs. Not sure how they compare to Heli's (in height) but in my opinion, they don't look "frankenstein" but instead, like the stock bars, just a bit higher, allowing the rider to sit a bit more upright... Let me know who's interested. Thanks. Mike
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