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  1. How did it transform your bike? I'm having the same issue now and I've narrowed it down to the FPR...but $40 vs $129...Is it really worth it?
  2. 2 years later and my BB still runs fine. The set up really works. Here are a fews pics from my design..
  3. Only high temps and not getting "Hot" ? If that was the problem why go through all the work Excuse me if I'm being a little quaint....running HOT as hell....max temp 242 degrees...
  4. In FLA I've had many problems with high temps on my BB.....But now I've solved my problem. I shifted the radiator 1.5 in forward to get some clearance from the header pipe.(had to do a little welding) Moved the OEM fan to the left side of the radiator. Installed a secondary fan(smaller fan) on the right ride using the bracket from another OEM fan.Made a littte mod the fairing behind the wheel. Installed switch and wire it directly to key switch.....presto. Tonite it's 82 degrees with no breeze and I let the temp climb to 220 and it pulled in down to 208 in 3 min. Have to give an update when I
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