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  1. Howdy. I just searched SCCA website +. Plenty of classes, more than when I was active. I had forgotten Vintage racing (SVRA). Vintage needs a log book and/or history on the vehicle. In SVRA if you lean into another's door, you will be called in to "talk". Vintage could have some rather expensive rides. There is a vintage motorcycle org. I had checked into that and it was a 1972 date of manufacture to be eligible....no racing history, just old.


    what car were you considering to race? The web searches showed classes and requirements. Plenty of info. 


    I understand that Jack Baumgardner 's old GT5 road racers are for sale. I talked to a relative a few months back. I don't know if they've been sold. One is in Columbus, Ohio. Ron Nist bought it and was running it in Vintage. I may have an old address for him.  Jack's other (newer and rear wheel drive with MG motor) went to Florida. I heard that it was on the market as well.


    Let your search begin.


    Good luck and HAVE FUN.

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