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  1. Done, and I pm'd the address. Thank you again, kind sir!
  2. Yes, it has been too long. I've been trying to get back to a normal schedule, but its not happening. I shot you the paypal with the address, catch up soon! -Sean
  3. That's a good deal; I'll take them if they are still available. -Sean
  4. I have one laying around that I bought on here probably 6 years ago for my '03 and I never have gotten around to trying it. I will try to get some pictures tonight when I get home, think I am past the point of wanting to try it.
  5. Glasses received, they are perfect, as per usual! So, I have to ask, do you ever actually use this stuff? ;-)
  6. Sent! Next time you are slumming in Chicago, let's head to Revolution Brewing.
  7. Oh hell, I need this like I need another hole in my head, but this is a smoking deal for a pair of shades I love. Paypal still work? -S
  8. Done and done! Always a pleasure doing business with you sir. -Sean
  9. I will take it if it is still available. Paypal work best? -Sean
  10. Done; donated to a good home, thank you Redbird.
  11. I have an old FZR 400 that I need to get rid of; it was a fun little track bike, and it is very lightweight. I was thinking of rebuilding it, but I do not have the time, and with my new toy in the garage, I no longer have the room. Before I post it up on the FZR board for someone to buy on the cheap, thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in a project bike/toy to rebuild. The good: It runs, and is complete; I haven't run it since my brother in law took it off-roading at Gingerman Raceway last year, but no serious damage was done. Tires are new, and since it has an odd size rear ri
  12. Hobi, Good call, but I was planning on keeping the 600 as well or selling it to another track person. It's pretty much a track bike and would take a lot of work for someone to put into street trim, I wouldn't feel right pitching it as a street bike, particularly for someone looking for a more sedate street ride. -Sean
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