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  1. Yes, it has been too long. I've been trying to get back to a normal schedule, but its not happening. I shot you the paypal with the address, catch up soon! -Sean
  2. That's a good deal; I'll take them if they are still available. -Sean
  3. I have one laying around that I bought on here probably 6 years ago for my '03 and I never have gotten around to trying it. I will try to get some pictures tonight when I get home, think I am past the point of wanting to try it.
  4. Glasses received, they are perfect, as per usual! So, I have to ask, do you ever actually use this stuff? ;-)
  5. Sent! Next time you are slumming in Chicago, let's head to Revolution Brewing.
  6. Oh hell, I need this like I need another hole in my head, but this is a smoking deal for a pair of shades I love. Paypal still work? -S
  7. Done and done! Always a pleasure doing business with you sir. -Sean
  8. I will take it if it is still available. Paypal work best? -Sean
  9. Done; donated to a good home, thank you Redbird.
  10. I have an old FZR 400 that I need to get rid of; it was a fun little track bike, and it is very lightweight. I was thinking of rebuilding it, but I do not have the time, and with my new toy in the garage, I no longer have the room. Before I post it up on the FZR board for someone to buy on the cheap, thought I'd see if anyone would be interested in a project bike/toy to rebuild. The good: It runs, and is complete; I haven't run it since my brother in law took it off-roading at Gingerman Raceway last year, but no serious damage was done. Tires are new, and since it has an odd size rear rim, tires can be difficult to find (18 inch rim). The bad: Just about everything; this bike has been rode hard and put away wet. You would want to rebuild the engine, and the suspension as well. Bike has typical electrical gremlins for a 23 year old bike, but the wiring harness is complete. I will try to shoot some pictures tonight and add them. Bike is in Oswego, Illinois, about 40 miles west of Chicago.
  11. Hobi, Good call, but I was planning on keeping the 600 as well or selling it to another track person. It's pretty much a track bike and would take a lot of work for someone to put into street trim, I wouldn't feel right pitching it as a street bike, particularly for someone looking for a more sedate street ride. -Sean
  12. Local rider is selling his GSXR 750 track bike. It has a lot of suspension work done to it. I can find out how much$$ if you want. That would be very cool, shot you a pm. -Sean
  13. Byrdman, Thank you for the heads up on ridesafely.com and copart.com; been checking the other sites already. No luck yet on a GSX-R 750, probably an end of track season purchase. -Sean
  14. Don't know if any of you cruise CrankApe.com (I'm trolling for a new trackbike project). They have wrecked and repo'd bikes, and there is a 2003 Bird repo'd on there, up for auction until the 10th. It has a single side D&D exhaust on it with a rusted out pipe, but doesn't look bad. Bike is in Georgia. -Sean
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