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  1. 02XXCA

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    Here one in my neck of the woods, looks sharp. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/mcd/d/1998-honda-cbr1100xx-m1658/6710844781.html
  2. When opening gallery viewer only see black screen, if I download a picture I can see it. Inspected item using chome and see these errors.
  3. 02XXCA

    200mph ++ HOW TO..??

    Forrest didn't have the benefit of sea level on this speed run, nothing like a mile high!
  4. 02XXCA

    200mph ++ HOW TO..??

    I think I have proof what you need to get to 200 MPH ,
  5. 02XXCA

    Did wire loom fix,,now fuel pump will not cycle

    It looks like my turn signal relay is throwing power down the ground wire. I may have crossed the plugs for the BAS and the turn signal relay which may have also screwed up the BAS as well. Need to order those and see what happens next. Stan, I will give you a call after I get those parts and see if I still have issues.
  6. 02XXCA

    Did wire loom fix,,now fuel pump will not cycle

    Yeah, all others things appear to work without issue.
  7. 02XXCA

    Did wire loom fix,,now fuel pump will not cycle

    Swapped ecu and all relays and still wont cycle the fuel pump upon key turn. The kill switch works, the kickstand switch works, swapped BAS and still no work. I can jump the fuel relay and get pump to cycle so I know it's not bad and the bike will run until I pull the jumpered relay. All fuses checked as well. I'm guessing there is a bad wire between the ecu and relay so it's not get to the signal to close and allow the pump to prime. Any other suggestions? 107K, should I just sell it know that's broken in. Chris
  8. 02XXCA

    Did wire loom fix,,now fuel pump will not cycle

    Think my ECU bit the dust, bypass the fuel cut off relay and pump cycles on bike will start, need to test with a borrowed ECU. When you have it jumpred the kill switch or key will not turn the bike off, only the kickstand switch. May have to rig it for a quick trip. Anyone siting on a used ECU for an 02 that they want to part with?
  9. 02XXCA

    Can I skip valve clearance check @ 30K?

    Checked my 02 at 75k and all were within spec, 1 exhaust was a little tight.
  10. 02XXCA

    Bye Bye High Temps

    Since I have boiled over idling in 85 degree heat and spilled coolant in the past, also with the fan running continually I have drained my battery on more than one ocassion as well. I too have to recently update my Stator after 80K and am now running NGP+ and it seems to run a little cooler than before. Now I just need a good volt meter to know whether the stator is oputting out proper current and keeping it from killing the battery .
  11. 02XXCA

    +Ventrue Heated Gloves

    Bought Heated Motorcycle gloves on 2/11/11 from online retailer and this is the response I got back when I asked for them to be covered under the 1year warranty for bad stiching on the back of the both R & L gloves! Stay away from there product as I paid $199.00 for these gloves that failed in less than 2 months, what does that say about the quality. I have gloves thatpaid 1/3 the amount that I have worn for years! From: Ventureheat Dealer Support [mailto:dealer@ventureheat.com] Sent: Monday, April 18, 2011 9:33 AM To: XXXXXXXXXl@comcast.net Subject: Defective stitching on gloves Hi there, I do apologizes, but that would just be wear and tear we can not replace them, but we can offer you a 20% discount if you would like to purchase another pair at this time. WARM regards, Ashley Powers, Dealer Support dealer@ventureheat.com +VENTURE Heated Clothing DIRECT: 714-251-6446 SKYPE: Venture.Support TEL:1-310-412-1070 ext.111 FAX: 1-610-423-5257 5932 Bolsa Ave. #103 Huntington Beach, CA 92649 USA WEB: www.VentureHeat.com
  12. 02XXCA

    RacerXX IV Challenge

    Our Starting weight is: (Will update with Hobi and Ruhi's number when they post up) RICK: 232 (Sunday: 3/6/2011) RICH: __________________ RUHI: __________________ 02XXCA: 224 (Monday: 3/7/2011) DO IT!!!!