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  1. That is why numbers matter, a lot of the latest findings seems to indicate the ideal is around 70 to 80, then you aren't off the charts necessarily. Just depends what science/latest studies you follow.
  2. Sounds interesting, will have to give it a try.
  3. Have you ever had your levels tested, either before or after taking?
  4. How many of you have ever been tested for vitamin D levels. I have watched some Youtube videos that says there is definitely some benefit to taking D2 or D3 supplements to raise your levels.
  5. Anybody ever tried one of these super capacitor battery jumpers? Thinking of adding this to the tool box for both car and bike trips. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07GK4PKKD/ref=psdc_318336011_t2_B01MYFCWV4
  6. Didn't realize you were trying to sell it for the last 8 months. I would have loved to had your bike with the engine work and all.
  7. Saw a few of these at the local dealer, pretty impressive looking. I like the look of the speedster with a single seat.
  8. Here one in my neck of the woods, looks sharp. https://seattle.craigslist.org/est/mcd/d/1998-honda-cbr1100xx-m1658/6710844781.html
  9. When opening gallery viewer only see black screen, if I download a picture I can see it. Inspected item using chome and see these errors.
  10. Forrest didn't have the benefit of sea level on this speed run, nothing like a mile high!
  11. I think I have proof what you need to get to 200 MPH ,
  12. It looks like my turn signal relay is throwing power down the ground wire. I may have crossed the plugs for the BAS and the turn signal relay which may have also screwed up the BAS as well. Need to order those and see what happens next. Stan, I will give you a call after I get those parts and see if I still have issues.
  13. Yeah, all others things appear to work without issue.
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