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    Chain reaction

    Entertaining thread. Kardashian style.
  2. It's so much better. On another note - my wife put her iPhone 7 in the washing machine. It was about 20 minutes before she realized it. It was completely immersed.... The phone fired right up with ZERO issues. After doing a little research....I found out it's pretty waterproof for 30 minutes. WOW !
  3. Now that would friggen piss me off. I sold it to FredX back during the holidays. Sorry bro.
  4. SOLD to a dude in Denver for asking price.
  5. I have to say...if any clean bird came up within a couple hundred miles of my house, I’d buy it.
  6. LOL - the long way round.....but it was a nice trip. Stayed at the Marriott.
  7. I actually have a nice elastic velcro band I’ll throw in. * If I can find it.
  8. It’s just the band - which I personally like the looks of. When I sell the 4 I just bought last week - I’ll let you know
  9. If any of you guys are a part of the adventure boards I’d greatly appreciate you tossing it up there for me. Dave
  10. Not the cellular model. But has GPS. It was probably worn 2 times. 42MM w/GPS and all boxes and papers. Sells for $309 plus $20 tax - $330 Yours - $225
  11. 2016 w/800 miles - 1 use and extras Yep, 800 miles - took one trip with it to Syracuse. Silver DCT ABS (auto trans) Extras included: -2 Madstad shields and OEM -OEM Center Stand -Fender Extender -Sargent Wide Seat -Givi rack and top box -Power cord installed in frunk -Tender cord installed -Grip puppies -Kaoko throttle lock -Bar risers -Just did a synthetic oil change. 0 miles on the oil and filters. $5800 Located in a heated garage 10918 Text me - 8six2 57nine 8nine73 Will store for a short while if interested. Dave
  12. No experience with that vehicle but I did have a Honda Prelude with 4WS. U turns were easy
  13. That bike has had a very good life. First time I saw someone use zip ties or wire as "stitches" to fix a crack was Ray....who had the silver CBR. I think it's a pretty cool look.
  14. That’s just your phone telling you to get a life.
  15. I had issues sporadically as well all throughout the day. Actually the last few days.
  16. Can you remove this thread from the political pub and put it in its right place. Your moms vag !
  17. I’d like a refund in the amount of $.48 cents. PayPal please.
  18. Sounds like the batter is so dead it won’t continously hold a charge. I’d suggest a fresh battery all together.
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