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  1. $149 shipped. It’s got a nice silicon case over the case. I believe I have the box - but have to look. Purchased 3 months ago and used 2 times.
  2. highest offer was $24. I’m considering it - 3 people showed. One didn’t realize it was manual and the other wanted to trade me his Harley for it.
  3. I called you weak in the post after you gloated to have put me on ignore. I knew you couldn’t resist. YOU LOVE ME.
  4. Funny part - nothing ticked me off. We’ve poked fun at each other...well for me, since 2001 when I arrived to this dysfunctional family. I poked fun at yo mamma. In no way to I really want to make sweet sweet love to her. It’s a joke.
  5. DBLXX

    differential noise

    Trump 2020 and fuck tomeks mom right inside the campaign bus.
  6. YOU are in control of that....it's in your mind not your computer.
  7. Nah....you've never really been on it. I just stopped responding.
  8. See...this is where I see the real win. Having enough self control and enough "give 2 fucks" to actually read what someone writes and not respond to it. Sure, sew the fat kids mouth shut and he'll lose weigh. Train him some self discipline and he wins in so many more ways. But I can totally understand you needing an ignore button....because you have zero self control.
  9. Oh yes...I am feeling the pain. You got me.
  10. LMAO - you are just insanely weak.
  11. Nah...forget that offer. This way too much fun.
  12. Oh...that really stings. If you promise to never curse at me in Hebrew again....I’ll never talk about you mom ever again. Deal?
  13. It's truly enjoyable to draw you our of your hole.
  14. I work from 6am to 6:30pm and don't get home until 7:45p. It's in storage 20 minutes away....Saturday is the day. I'm thinking 4 show, 3 low ball me, and 1 wants to trade a really cool & rare Nintendo for it.
  15. Double that....and we're getting somewhere.... COME ON !
  16. It has a shaded mesh top - asshole. Make an offer - you know you want to
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