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  1. Hey Grand Dad....you get the internet back in the trailer park?
  2. 44 degrees out - no thank you. I’m going to trailer the Grom with the Wing. Now that’s a photo.
  3. Glad you got it CEC - you will put it to better use than me. I bought this instead >
  4. For something I want but don’t need, yeah. He’ll find someone for the $5400 or even the $5900 because it’s worth it. I’d spend the winter cleaning it anyway.
  5. You’re a gentleman and a scholar. Let’s do this - if you don’t get the price you want within the time frame you are looking to get rid of it - I’m good to go @ $4800 cash and we are pretty close. Dont feel obligated, don’t feel guilty....the offer is out. Dave
  6. Would you consider $4800 cash Johnny? Make up a few bucks back from the sexy ZX14 I sold ya.
  7. I’m interested. For sure.
  8. What’s the price with everything? Confused about the “extras” comment. Is it Dave “clean”? Scratches, scuffs? Board price?
  9. I can buy they from you at your price, hold on to them for a month, polish them and resell at 50% of what I bought them from you for?
  10. DBLXX

    Art/Homework Table

    That room needs decluttering already
  11. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Golfers are *typically* pretty serious about their game no matter the situation. I hate golf.
  12. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Golfers *might* not like that. But it is a charity game - maybe they would. People I know - that would be be embarrassing.
  13. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Oh, shit. Didn't even notice it was in this Forum. Apologies and will fix.