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  1. You have the 3000 for $79? That’s the TYPE of juicer I always see on mega yachts when the crew is preparing fresh juice for the guests. Is the footprint smaller than a traditional juicer? (looks much shorter) I don’t use my million dollar juicer as often as I would of it weren’t a friggen PROJECT to disassemble and clean.
  2. Just discovered these and they are great. Not as tart as yellow grapefruit but not as sweet as an orange. Really like them. What else is out there?
  3. Mushrooms pepperoni olives and JOL-APPINOS !!! Looks delish.
  4. Idiots will always idiot.
  5. My Nutritionist just recommended Factor and gave me a free trial. I'll give it a go Carlos....
  6. Do you need 2 fenders or just simply want 2 fenders. Seems a little lavish to have a back up fender. How often does one crack a fender? Rode for 30 years - never cracked a fender. Must be nice to have all this spare stuff when it’s truly not needed. Life must be really good.
  7. Buy a longer rod and cut it to fit - done.
  8. Lies. If you jam it under a door while open... and the screen doesn't crack, IT WILL HOLD THE DOOR OPEN !
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