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  1. Dude - get on that shit.
  2. Move Free

    Gonna take your lead and give it a try....why not, right? I'll report back.
  3. Move Free

    Thanks....gonna try it. Sitting on a plane get's to your entire body. Only 3 days before you felt it kick in?
  4. That's a beautiful truck...and I love the color. GLWS !
  5. Pimp My Basement!

    Good luck with it. Sounds like a fun project. Make it a space you enjoy being in. I love being home.
  6. DaveQue? My wife took it from me but bought myself another. I wear the Applewatch maybe 3 or 4 days a week.
  7. 1985 Kawi GPZ550 crossthreaded oil filter

    That's a sexy bike....
  8. USPS Priority Bill - Tuesday Tim - Saturday
  9. Jesus...just seeing the photos of it mudded up made me nervous. Someone posted that months ago. Funny...and I am sure they sell a few of those. LOL
  10. Tim doesn't want it. If you do...send me $25 and I'll mail it out to you. If not, no biggie.