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  1. I can buy they from you at your price, hold on to them for a month, polish them and resell at 50% of what I bought them from you for?
  2. DBLXX

    Art/Homework Table

    That room needs decluttering already
  3. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Golfers are *typically* pretty serious about their game no matter the situation. I hate golf.
  4. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Golfers *might* not like that. But it is a charity game - maybe they would. People I know - that would be be embarrassing.
  5. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    Oh, shit. Didn't even notice it was in this Forum. Apologies and will fix.
  6. DBLXX

    Golf outing fund raiser

    After conferring with Mike for over 3 hours on this particular subject.....he has asked me to enter in the following recommendation on his behalf as his scribe >> ASAIKBZITE, this...but no need to throw the game. Play as you would play. Be the guy who can make nice, drink and just have fun. It's the good player who want's people to know he's a good player that looks like the DICK.
  7. If you can send as a gift. So....need your addy.
  8. Hey Sean....long time no see. Send me $130 to davidkrauthamer@yahoo.com and I will have them in the mail to you tomorrow. Enjoy them.
  9. Black Iridium Polarized. Frames are lead colored. Purchased $193 With shipping here $133
  10. DBLXX

    foot pegs wanted

    DUDE.....welcome back bro! OLD SCHOOL in the house!!!!!!!
  11. I’d detail the fuck out of it and sell it for $3500 I had 3 civics pushing 200K
  12. If I were close - it would be mine.