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  1. Yep - 40% off the other set up if you take both. Easy to ship it all. Ill post up the total this week and ship early next week. Need to go buy a big box and bubble wrap. Dave
  2. I’m headed out in a week long fishing trip in about 2 hours. If he doesn’t reply by Wednesday - it’s yours. When I get back - I’ll start prepping for shipment. Not it sure if your interested but I’ll take 40% off the other helmet if you take both?
  3. PS - I’ll cover up to $25 in shipping to you (unless I’m shipping to a Us addy) in Canada and you pay the additional over $25. If interested.
  4. Yep - spot on. And even if you have to purchase new “thinner” pads you can. The shell sizes of the XL and L are the same. They both fit the same.
  5. Any good motorcycle repair shops in Maricopia? I think Tomek’s mom could probably fix you right up.
  6. I love the massive shield !!!
  7. Best part is the chin bar attaches to make it full face when you want it. You can also completely disconnect everything and wear it as an open face 3/4.
  8. $200 shipped Comes w/chin bar - not in photo.
  9. Dude - I am so sorry, I haven’t even checked and I didn’t mail the plugs yet. I promise - they will be on their way tomorrow. Sorry man. Not like me.
  10. Just landed in Buffalo for a few days. Probably ship Fri or Mon. Sold.
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