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  1. DBLXX

    Sport bike lift

    I had one - it was great.
  2. DBLXX

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    Isn’t it called vulcanizing?
  3. DBLXX

    Water seepage in basement wall.

    Flex Seal
  4. DBLXX

    GM Quadrasteer

    No experience with that vehicle but I did have a Honda Prelude with 4WS. U turns were easy
  5. That bike has had a very good life. First time I saw someone use zip ties or wire as "stitches" to fix a crack was Ray....who had the silver CBR. I think it's a pretty cool look.
  6. DBLXX

    Could get on this morning

    That’s just your phone telling you to get a life.
  7. DBLXX

    Could get on this morning

    I had issues sporadically as well all throughout the day. Actually the last few days.
  8. DBLXX

    Chain cleaning brushes

  9. DBLXX

    Chain cleaning brushes

    Can you remove this thread from the political pub and put it in its right place. Your moms vag !
  10. DBLXX

    Could get on this morning

    I’d like a refund in the amount of $.48 cents. PayPal please.
  11. DBLXX


    Damn it - AFAIKBZITE If anything CARLOS should be banned for 1 week...it was his friggen rule to begin with.
  12. DBLXX


    +2 None. It’s been moved to an unknown golf course and buried.
  13. DBLXX

    Bird clicks and then nothing. WTF?

    Sounds like the batter is so dead it won’t continously hold a charge. I’d suggest a fresh battery all together.
  14. DBLXX

    What are XX's worth in 2018?

    I went to the dealer to buy a Honda cruiser. Saw the red xx sitting there and it looked like it was wet. Didn’t even sit on it. Sold
  15. Hey Grand Dad....you get the internet back in the trailer park?