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  1. I just love that you fell for a Chinese replica as real ❤️ Glad you got it. Nothing like NEW OEM.
  2. Tim... you want it? It's going to be $50 minimum to mail. If you pay me to ship it - it's yours. These things - go for close to MSRP on eBay - and because it's branded and mine - has everything - still in OEM packaging and tags. I'd rather it go to someone I like - with no profit for me.
  3. Mopar's on Trails that need a Kit.
  4. MSRP is $220 Extreme Terrain sells it for $210 Here only before I go to eBay and get $150 for it - $99 includes shipping which will probably be $40 because it’s heavy. Never opened until this morning. 😀
  5. I brought my wife’s to one of those fix-it places. $35 bucks and like new.
  6. Damn shame. Hopefully it goes to someone who can revive her.
  7. And no more double posting after the editor is cleared.
  8. Confirmed. Working....TY And double posts everything. Also - when I post something it now goes back to post 1 versus the post I just made. That's new too.
  9. I had all of those at one point. Need to go find my favorite...
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