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  1. BBQ tomorrow, Wedding Saturday, brunch Sunday. I HATE WEDDINGS and I HATE THIS WHOLE WEEKEND. But she was a colleague - and she wants a nice gift from me
  2. PayPal me as a gift copter cock Send me your addy and I’ll try to ship tomorrow but most likely Monday because I’m headed to Ft. Lauderdale for a wedding tomorrow night thru Monday. I also think I gave the original box - and will try to find it.
  3. .....shipped. Canada as a gift - anything over US shipping you pay. But I’ll ship to Kanaddaddadda.
  4. Glad it went to one of you guys.... Shipping Monday.....will send tracker. Dave
  5. Done - paypal - davidkrauthamer ( at ) yahoo.com I'll ship Monday 2 day - on your wrist Wednesday. Please pay as a gift. Thanks I'll toss in a nightstand charger too.
  6. Carlos - can any carrier connect or did I but an ATT specific only model?
  7. Yep, grabbed a 5. Honestly - I do like the always on thing. I find myself having to flick my wrist to activate it on occasion. SOMEONE GRAB THIS ONE BEFORE I PUT IT ON EBAY !!!!!!
  8. Pricing for QUICK Sale.....5 months old Paid - $529 + tax = $574 XX Board Price ONLY - $300 (includes 2 day shipping USPS) This is the GPS AND Cellular Version - AT&T (not sure if you can connect with other carriers) No box....but it's all there and in mint condition. Paid
  9. Do you ship Scott? How much for that Victory Vegas 8ball? thx
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