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  1. Use your fingernail.
  2. When you dump it sliding down the pavement should work.
  3. LOL - yes. The "corner" of the box was dinged. THE BOX !!!! The iPad is new.... JERK Why - because I haven't opened it which means I won't use it.
  4. New, never used, in-box. Value - $1,099 + tax Here shipped - $800 Saves you almost $400. Comes with $50 case and $20 Gel Cover LMK.
  5. I haven’t had red meat since my Heart Attack (steak, burgers, hot dogs) and I’ve made the decision to completely cut out desserts, sugar, sweets, and any type of sugary food this past Saturday. I had a bowl of ice cream Friday night and it just instantly makes me feel like crap. For me - it’s all or nothing - so I’m choosing nothing.
  6. I love them from masa... but you make them from fresh dried corn.... HOT DAMN. And it's fun...
  7. My wife taught me how to make fresh corn tortillas.... nothing better.
  8. If TB had a relatively healthy menu I'd eat there often. That goes for most fast food places. I'm down for healthy FAST FOOD. Not much out there.
  9. I'm cool with my choices. TY
  10. Cardiologist, Nutritionist my General and a few other doctors in the family all highly recommended it after my Heart Attack. Works for me too.
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