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  1. I'll keep an eye out for you.....
  2. With all the trailer living rednecks that live in our neck of the woods I'd think they were a dime a dozen on Craigslist or backpage.
  3. They will....I had them on mine.
  4. Coming along. Stalled a bit because of the recent freeze. Not really the reason for the Jeep. The reason for the Jeep - I'm tired of letting my OCD run my life and hoping that because it's a "Jeep" I can just forget about condition and just enjoy it. Not easy for me to do. And because of Carlos. He inspired me to get one too.
  5. Vette sold in Sept I think.
  6. Agreed.... I'm mindful of what may affect my future - but agree with you. Hey - if someone who was seriously interested in a new BMW R1200RT and would rather pay BMW $5000 more and put that $1500 in extras on it themselves - have at it
  7. Here comes the JEEP !!!!
  8. So for your dad it's "therapy" and for me, I'm just an idiot. Guess your pop and I are both laughing at you.
  9. Low? Opinions are like assholes, we all got one
  10. Gauging interest. It has 5 miles on it. It's never been ridden. Has about $2000 in extras on it. They are selling for $23,500 + tax. So add in the $2000 of extras and the $850 BMW GPS - you can see where it's at. If you'd seriously be interested - reach out. You'd be buying it used - so the BOS can be written for a significant amount under. Plus - the $$$ I'd be discounting it. Serious inquiries only. Not a motivated seller but would sell it. Text me - 862///579///8973
  11. $75 for both and $5 to ship.
  12. Afilazinatebite - Put a slice of corned beef in the crack of your ass and join the party. But - steer clear of any pussy that looks like a floppy slice of meat.