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  1. DBLXX

    Server error?

    Do we need to pay you more? You are getting awfully slow. I complain about you on my other boards like you complain about your customers to us here.
  2. Ahhh....the Miata. You LOVED that car.
  3. Glad he got what he was looking for.
  4. DBLXX

    Shoei Dragon - Size XL

    That’s my old helmet.
  5. Not mine ya dick. 2000 miles. KBB has it at $6200....$5000 cash. Can probably have it for less. https://www.nc700-forum.com/forum/sell-your-bike-car-truck/14057-2016-nc700dct-sale-$5000-00-a.html
  6. That is very cool and very rare.
  7. DBLXX

    Move Free

    Gonna take your lead and give it a try....why not, right? I'll report back.
  8. DBLXX

    Move Free

    Thanks....gonna try it. Sitting on a plane get's to your entire body. Only 3 days before you felt it kick in?
  9. That's a beautiful truck...and I love the color. GLWS !
  10. DBLXX

    Pimp My Basement!

    Good luck with it. Sounds like a fun project. Make it a space you enjoy being in. I love being home.