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  1. Yep, a $200 Park N Move. I have one... I'd sell it if it didn't weigh 40 pounds.
  2. Back up water heater back up bike? Come on man
  3. For you it might not be. For a Jew hater or a Drump hater - it sure is.
  4. Why would your neighbor pack their shit up and move just because you’re a Jew?
  5. We’ll have to agree to disagree. I see it differently.
  6. But Trump was hired almost completely by his promise of not being that guy with GREAT people who are incredible business people.
  7. But fail to see that he is continuing to pollute the swamp with his own set of liars and cheats...including himself.
  8. Oh - and I wasn’t the one that turned this thread political. I just disagreed with one of the one sided posts. So, you’re welcome
  9. Only a moron would continue to watch a TV program they continuously complained about. Sounds ridiculous - doesn’t it?
  10. DBLXX

    Water Heater Question

    Watch your fucking use of the word THIS. Because it ain't THIS....it's EVERYTHING.
  11. A one sided right winger would feel that way. It's all good Kardashians are on and I believe they are going to tell Drump to pardon some of the MS13 leadership. I'll get back to you on some of the items listed on the side of the coin.
  12. Not a single one. But that is what being one sided is all about.