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  1. Great, back to this now you have internet.
  2. The best bush is rocks.
  3. Let me add - because this bike was so smooth for me and had such great throttle response the throttlemeister bar end worked really well. Simple.
  4. I had a 2008 Blue ST - just a solid bike. Comfy, fast, and smoooooth. GLWTS !!
  5. GarXX and I were hovering between 145 and 160 for a long long stretch. The rear tire got so hot it began melting and globs of rubber were stuck to the license plate.
  6. Love Revzilla. Great service, easy website, zillacash, free shipping, free returns and great closeouts. Best place to buy stuff - hands down. Love their product videos too.
  7. And it's 25% off too - ya Jew.
  8. Paint it rainbow colors since side exit exhaust looks very GAY - especially since that is a shit box truck compared to the very cool Lightning you had
  9. Congrats. Great bike from a good dude. If I can help in any way - LMK
  10. I could store it for you....if Tuff needs it out and you want it.
  11. Or you can just let people walk all over you for the rest of your life. Choices.