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  1. Yes. Bought 2 a long time ago - sent a letter about a year ago and they asked for a video of the issue.
  2. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. Let’s see if they actually make it first.
  3. If I were to (maybe) sell 2 of these (new in box) who might be interested? I don't know what's involved in terms of cost to ship a 85 pound box... but I am curious if anyone would even be interested. Looks as if they are $1100 new now... and relatively easy to get. Testing the waters.
  4. Go Big or Go Home - appreciate the link. Purchased.
  5. All great info, thanks. We have the Breville 900 but it's big...and we have a small house. So... I bought an 8qt Ninja AF Max....for quick stuff. I'm looking forward to using it much more than I have in the past. You have a recommended FF cutter?
  6. AirFryer - a must for healthy eating, quick cook, quick crisp and makes otherwise bland stuff crunchy and crispy.
  7. Since getting out of the hospital I take it 3 times a day with a OMRON arm cuff machine.
  8. Having company this weekend... making lobster rolls. Will be making this as well. Thanks
  9. It is in REALLY nice condition. The Ad is a good one.
  10. Would someone really pay $13,000 for a 2WD truck with a half a million miles and an oil leak? Just asking.
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