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  1. What the hell....you need a vacation dude.
  2. Of course.
  3. Dear Zero, I have garnered enough points to collect free meat at the supermarket. I have a choice between a spiral ham, turkey, tray of meat la-zan-ya, and a full tenderloin. Which would you choose, which should I choose and why? Thank you for all that you do to make this earth a better and easier place to live on.
  4. BUT - I'm thinking he has so much time on his hands that sorting out all the help we need from him is a true piece of cake. He is Dear Abby's long lost brother after all.
  5. I'll take the Goldwing
  6. I like it. The drive is about 50 minutes - no traffic and gives me an opportunity to relax before the day hits me. Going on 27 years - haven't killed myself yet.
  7. People don't drive cars to work in NYC
  8. How do people time getting to work exactly at 9am? It would seem that with different traffic patterns minute by minute.....accomplishing this would be next to impossible although it seems 95% of the office can time it perfectly. Boggled mind here, Dave
  9. .....and give her a fake name.
  10. You're a good sport. But here is my question - I often scratch my balls to the point I take the outer layer of skin off and they ache for a few hours. Would you know what I can do to relieve the itching?
  11. AFAIKBZITE, but if I were you I'd buy that new mansion and invite the hottie in her early 40's to live with you. Make a sex tape with her and send it to plaintiff #2 by accidentonpurpose.
  13. .....am I just a sad follower? Please help me.
  14. Nope...real pizza gets cut in the box. Its delicious.