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  1. I have these....they are a serious pair of riding pants. Top quality.
  2. Actually....they haven't ever been in my ears...LOL
  3. I have the the black soft zip case case, the rubber pieces you see in the photo above and the headphones themselves.
  4. $80 shipped paid through pp as a gift.
  5. Broke open a new Tender that I had never used before.... Plugged it in....light went right to green. Bad charger. Thanks again....
  6. It's going to sit for the next 5 months.
  7. I'll try another one of my chargers. It is an old one. Thanks super....
  8. I have the optimate 4 canbus. But - I have no idea about the other stuff you said.
  9. I plugged in the tender thingy that tells you what the battery is at. It read 13.9.
  10. They put a tender tail on it - plugged it in and for the past 10 hours it's remained red which is less than 80% and charging. Tested the load load and I get 13.9. Shouldn't it have turned green - or at a minimum blinking red - above 80% charged? Thinking they either didn't hook it up or something's wrong. It should be a direct battery hook up. If it's not green by morning - I'll disconnect and pull the battery.
  11. Do I want this thing?
  12. What the hell....you need a vacation dude.