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  1. .....and give her a fake name.
  2. You're a good sport. But here is my question - I often scratch my balls to the point I take the outer layer of skin off and they ache for a few hours. Would you know what I can do to relieve the itching?
  3. AFAIKBZITE, but if I were you I'd buy that new mansion and invite the hottie in her early 40's to live with you. Make a sex tape with her and send it to plaintiff #2 by accidentonpurpose.
  5. .....am I just a sad follower? Please help me.
  6. Nope...real pizza gets cut in the box. Its delicious.
  7. I am going to book a hotel room. Do I use my real name or will using fake info protect my real identity from future potential identity theft? Please help.
  8. I am literally laughing and can't stop.
  9. SHIT. I am so sorry. Will NOT happen again.
  10. Eligible to be prez?
  11. American or not American?
  12. Is it a sickness or a really great main course?
  13. I just noticed he has his own section now. Fucking priceless....and a bit jealous
  14. This too.... Although my reason is better. Because it is simpler, cheaper and easier to make a square box than a round one (a square box can be formed from a single sheet of card ) and also it is easier to store, transport and pack square boxes which will remain in a flat state until needed and are quickly assembled at point of use.