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  1. Is that Steve's? I know he just bought a road glide. I think that's his.
  2. davidkrauthamer at yahoo dot com I will mail next Monday if that's ok. I'm off to San Jose next week for buiz. Dave
  3. No stickers or iron on. All patches and embroidery. XXL - never worn $35 shipped
  4. $180 on Zilla $140 + shipping was best price I could find $100 includes shipping Will ship Aug 1 or sooner
  5. When you're at 9,000 RPM's, 6th gear, clutch out - and you're not moving. Clutch is gone.
  6. $5K AT most.
  7. Sold. Tex - mailing tomorrow. Enjoy it.
  8. It's fits for sure. You interested?
  9. The new Mac never leaves the house. PS - that's the single greatest laptop on the planet. I went to a Tumi Alpha 2 Backpack. I use a Lenovo X1 for work - it sucks.
  10. This will sell on the Vette board but will leave it here for a few days before I list it there. Here it is with the exception of the long zippered pocket on the front below the 2 top pockets is broken into 2 zippered pockets not one long one. It matches the 2 top pockets. http://www.tumi.com/p/expandable-organizer-laptop-leather-brief-096141D2 I used this for about 6 months. You can see wear if you look real hard but it's a strong 9 out of 10. http://www.tumi.com/p/expandable-organizer-laptop-leather-brief-096141D2 MSRP $675 Best price I could find is $555 Here - $300 including shipping