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  1. My 69k mile '97 bird shifts and finds neutral just fine. I'm currently using Lubrimoly in it, but have put whatever quality 10w-40 oil is on sale in it every 3k miles. IMHO your clutch might need a rebuild. Alternatively, check your hydraulic clutch actuation system - it might not be functioning correctly.
  2. Got the chain tensioner and installed it last night. Easy fix and the bike is running great again. Great service and fast shipping from John! Everyone should buy from him!
  3. Your order number is: R344651455 OK man, send that puppie over, I've been fighting off a cold. Now I get well and the bike's sick! Got a new front tire and can't wait to get riding! Thanks
  4. Hi, My blackbird started making a rattling noise yesterday. It's emanating from the right side of the motor. Most pronounced @ idle, goes away at ~4K RPM. No performance issues. I pulled the clutch cover and found nothing obvious or shavings in the oil Am thinking cam chain tensioner. Have not had this happen to me before, so I made a quick video here: https://youtu.be/5DL2fnIKW1g If anyone can confirm or provide constructive information, I'd appreciate it. Thanks
  5. ~ $1000 for a bolt on custom valved solution. Bike is much better with the correct springing and valving Nitron Racing Shocks USA CobraHeat LLC PO Box 15715 Covington, Ky. 41015 PH: (801) 663-7436 sales@nitronracingshocks.com http://www.nitronracingshocks.com/HONDA_c_178.html
  6. Just email nitron and get a shock sprung and valved for you at a reasonable price info@nitron-usa.com
  7. The clutch bleed should be easy. But if you are having problems, and the lines and connections are not leaking, try getting a cheap vacuum bleeder from harbor freight to do it.
  8. Here's my install - hope this can be of some help https://photos.google.com/album/AF1QipO-bOxenYuxpY5llIOFo0nKgtkYu1RAdtAdW68g
  9. You can do the install without removing the left can, but I recommend you remove the muffler, and use air tools. Makes the job easy. Gas tank and seat come off too. Rode 50 miles on the freeway today, great improvement. Little bumps are gone, large bumps are damped. Tracking is good. You don't know how bad the stock shock is until you've replaced it. Wish I did not wait so long. Cost was $850 total for double adjustable, custom sprung and valved. All shocks are built to order. Figure 2 week lead time. Single adjustable will get you 90% of the benefits at a lower cost. Here's the US contact: http://www.pak-meister.com/
  10. Was a big blackbird weekend, pulled the plastic off the bike, installed blue instrument panel led lights, and a new Nitron shock. Easy install, I have air, so zapping off those big nuts on the shock was quick. You have to pull the seat, gas tank, and left muffler to install the shock. Actually mounted the thing backwards, and had to remove and flip so the line to the remote reservoir would fit with a bit of slack. But it all came out well in the end. Pictures: https://plus.google.com/photos/+MitchellTracy/albums/6139491927058596465
  11. if anyone has a used Ohlins, Penske, or other upgraded rear shock they want to part with, please shoot me a PM. Thanks. PS: If you have a good spring that I can mount on the stock shock, I can use that as an interim solution as well.
  12. Sorry to hear that your health is not where it should be. Your mods have been an inspiration. Anyone looking for a sorted bike at a great price should grab this one.
  13. Didn't even know that was there! I'll check mine ASAP. Thanks!
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