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  1. Yep. I ended up buying a set of convertibars. Couple bucks more than Helio and waaaay better set up. Once I install them I’ll determine how much longer the braided lines will have to be.
  2. Not in a hurry.... Weren't the heli closer to the seat? Us vertically challenged.....I think that's why I installed them on the previous XX? I don't remember..... Shit! Now I've turned mentally challenged as well.... Can't remember the reason..... I don't care about "up" (never liked ape hangers) as much as I care about "back". Just send me a pm when/if you find them. Much obliged!
  3. Long shot but figured I'd ask here before buying new. I had them both for my previous 03 and kept helis. But can't remember why....... Confier for a 5'7" rider? Anyway, let me know if you have anything.
  4. Can't argue with that! I just can't remember last time I did an old crazy girlfriend. Which I did have, and I did do...... Back in the 80s.....? Must be gettn' old.
  5. Don't care how bad it may look. It'll be redone and recovered so I only really care about base / pan. Don't think it makes a difference but it'd be for an '02.
  6. Hi. I'm back! Just bought a 2002 with 11093 miles. 😳😬 Not as clean and my former '03, but..... Got me another bird. I liked the black one better.....
  7. BUMP! What? Nobody wants any of these? Not too long ago they'd be fighting over at least the shock....... BTW, springs are also $50 and I have a set of Euro (England to be exact) switches for $100 All + shipping costs.
  8. Got a few left overs I'd like to clean up. 8983 series Penske Shock. Never installed. $500. 180lb +/- rider GP Suspension .95 rate springs. New, never instaled. Galfer front brake lines. Black. $50 Plus shipping costs. Everything is new. never installed. I can do paypal or USPS (and I said USPS) money order. sportligero at comcast dot net
  9. Took a while (that tells you how bad I want to sell it.......) Pics uploaded. It's been a great ride and I'll probably regret it (like I did when Redbird bought my Gran Canyon) but man's got to do what a man's got to do. And no I'm not selling anything separately unless the new owner doesn't want it. I figured it'll make the sale a bit sweeter and faster. It also has two RAM balls and hook ups for radar detector and Zumo (devices themselves not included).
  10. Interested. Can you send me photo's. K.C. Interested. Can you send me photo's. K.C. In what way will you assist with delivery. I'm 14 hours away in Georgia. Anything would be good. K.C. Sorry it took a while..... You've got pm. I'll try to get picks tonight (no more snow!!) and send them tomorrow. 16xxx miles now. Don't want to but I should, so here it is.
  11. It now has 15xxx miles and I think I'll try this again. I'll include the SW Motech hardware for top and side cases. Keeping cases for other rides. $5,750.00 OBO. Here's an older pic. If anyone is serious, I'll shovel some snow off the driveway, get it out of the garage and get some more. Please, pretty please, if you are not serious....... you know what not to do. I'd be happy to assist with delivery... I'll wait a couple of weeks for early bird inmates, then it goes on craigslist... As you all can see I haven't ridden much lately....... And it doesn't look like it's going to change anytime soon....
  12. Funny.... Just decided to put mine for sale this Spring.... But I'm 1700 miles away....
  13. +1 Deltran. 03 with original battery.
  14. If you really have to know, I'll tell you. The kind that whooops people's asses on a race track on my little 900cc air cooled two valved 15 year old Super Sport when they ride liter bikes (L twins and/or inline 4s). At least until a couple of years ago when I could go to the track often.... Or the kind like yesterday about 2pm riding back from the lake doing consistent triple digits through here. Rockmeup might know the area. 191 But when Autumn shows up every year, and it's frosty in the morning, and/or wet with leaves all over the place, it's just nice to have ABS. The K1200S had it and I think it kicked in twice in 19k miles. But the confidence of having it there was.... priceless. Then again, we can all get a 4 wheeler and forget about it....
  15. Shit! I'm tempted to make an offer and put it in the back of the basement with some moth balls.... Somebody buy it !!!!! BUMP !!!
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