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  1. Steve Smith

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    Additionally what's nice about these is that if a suitable position can't be had by rotating the pegs as they are now pictured, the extra bracket and hardware gives even more adjustability by not just rotation, but with sliding the peg up or down on the extra bracket. Steve
  2. Steve Smith

    Adjustable lowering pegs 4 sale

    Obviously, here are pics of the adjustable pegs I removed from my XX.
  3. My most recent purchase of an XX came with aftermarket , alum., adjustable front foot pegs. Excellent condition with an additional section which allows the foot rest part to be even lower if needed/wanted. They utilize the factory spring and alum. pin so they swivel like the original ones. I just prefer stock ones that match the rear ones and besides, at 5'7" my legs aren't long enough to need them. No idea what they sell for new but I figure $35 + shipping is a fair price. I can be reached at ............ slsautorest@hotmail.com Steve
  4. Steve Smith

    foot pegs wanted

    Cool. Thanks.
  5. Steve Smith

    foot pegs wanted

    I'm getting parts together to take to get chrome plated. Still need some nice front pegs. And a center stand.
  6. Steve Smith

    Aluminum chain guard wanted

    Just ordered it! WOOHOO! THANKS for the link!
  7. Steve Smith

    Aluminum chain guard wanted

    I contacted Pyramid Plastics about this matter and they responded saying they did not make the alum. chain guards. They said PUIG made them. Regardless of who made them, I've pretty much struck out getting one. Guess I'll modify the stock plastic one. I have a few ideas about that.
  8. Steve Smith

    Aluminum chain guard wanted

    Thanks John. If you could spread the word on Facebook I might get lucky and find one of those sweet guards.
  9. Steve Smith

    Aluminum chain guard wanted

    I've been in email communication quite a few times today with Jaws over in England. I was informed they are in the process of starting a new/improved web site with up to date items and prices. They informed me the metal ( alum.) chain guard is no longer produced by either of their suppliers. The black chrome one shown, is the same design as the one I had on my custom '03 model except that one also had 'CBR 1100XX Super Blackbird' laser cut into it. It was a SWEET and unique guard that I'm very bummed about not being able to purchase for my current XX project. There was even a company called 'Laser Guard' back about 12 years ago that made a variety of alum. guards with different bikes names cut into them. I searched and it would seem they no longer exist. DAMN! As a member of the UK XX site B.I.R.D., I'm going to ask members over across the big pond if anyone has a used one for sale . I'll even check into contacting "breakers" (used parts places) about any possible ones out there. Don't care for huggers so........I'll post any info I come across. Steve
  10. Just found out that the UK company "Jaws" no longer has those nice alum. chain guards available. So, if anyone has a nice alum. aftermarket chain guard for sale please let me know. Steve
  11. Steve Smith

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    After going through my collection of old drag strip time slips, I found the ones from when I raced my custom "Purple Plazma" '03. Only ran it at a full 1/4 mile strip one night (for some reason?). This was back in September 22nd of 2005. Temp was 78 degrees and 77% humidity. With two teeth up on the back sprocket and a full Muzzy (no tuning at all), and a stock air filter, it went 10.615 @ 136.83 mph.
  12. Steve Smith

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    Just purchased a TFI from a member, plus, I have a full Akrapovic system that came with the bike. So Swampnut, if you can lay the best TFI setting info on me along with me utilizing other info listed in this thread (like a K&N filter), hopefully I can see similar dyno results for my '01. Trailer the bike when finished to a reputable shop (GUHL in Ephrata, PA) in much cooler temps, probably in April some time. Love to see 145-150hp at the wheel. With a bit shorter gearing and practice, low 10s would be most welcome. Steve
  13. Steve Smith

    Power Commander vs TFI Controller, winner is...?

    "Tri-Y" ? Not familiar with that one. DAMN good dyno and 1/4 mile results!! Impressive!
  14. Until my last thread posted here, I wasn't aware of the TFI controller unit. Informed input is needed before I plunk down the green backs on one or the other. For a stock injected XX with a full aftermarket exhaust system, which controller is best performing? Steve
  15. Steve Smith

    Programable fuel injection?

    Well DAMN! That's a lot for my simplistic mental capacity to absorb! Thanks to all for that important info pertaining to my query. I will definitely take that input and put it to good use. I know I can make my bike look fantastic, maybe now, I can make it run at it's fullest potential too. Steve