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  1. bodywork SOLD

    PM sent. Also sending an Email just in case
  2. Time to say goodbye 99 BB

    I wish you were closer so we could if switched bodywork. GLWS its a sweet looking bike
  3. FS: Corbin Gunfighter and Lady

    My friend Mike who's going to RacerXX might be interested in one. He wants to try one out but we have snow on the ground here so I can't borrow him mine. If you have space and no one steps up before next week bring one down please
  4. The VFR1200 SUCKS

    After losing my 03 Bird a few years back I picked up a 04 gsxr 1k, CBR 929rr, Buell XB9r, 04 ZX10, 05 Hayabusa and a Vulcan 1500 classic. You'll never guess what I own now, some things are just hard to improve on.
  5. FS: Teknic 1 Piece Perf. Leather Suit

    Yea send them my way and I'll try them out. I'm 5'10 and 180lbs so they should treat me okay. It'll be a few weeks before I have the cash if that's okay. The last few weeks have hurt my account hard
  6. FS: Teknic 1 Piece Perf. Leather Suit

    If I had the extra cash i would of jumped all over them since I'm sure they would of fit perfect. So with that being said, if they don't fit you send them back to Wisconsin and I'll find a way to whore myself out for the cash
  7. FS - 1997 Turbo XX

    Why do these always pop up after I buy one
  8. What to pay for a mint '01-'03 Bird

    Mine was an 03. I just picked up a 00 but have yet to ride it and I doubt I'll be lowering it that far ever again. An inch out back and strapping the front seemed to net me the best result when at the strip and it's easier to swap back and forth since I ride it stock any other time
  9. What to pay for a mint '01-'03 Bird

    Looks like a riser to me as well. Friend of mine had them on his 01
  10. What to pay for a mint '01-'03 Bird

    I've lowered mine 1.5" through the trees. That's max and will still allow 1/4" of clearance before hitting the fender. Then lowered it 3" out back and strapped the front tight. It felt like I was riding a moped but launched great at the track
  11. What to pay for a mint '01-'03 Bird

    Good friend of mine just picked up a 03 with 5300 miles for $5250. It wasn't mint but damn close
  12. Motor issue

    Have you tried new plugs? If the plug is black it should be getting enough fuel but lacking enough spark. When you swapped coils was it still #3 that was the problem? And have you pulled the wire to check the spark?
  13. Do you still have #10 Joe?
  14. 2005 Hayabusa

    Thank you. It is a nice bike but I enjoyed the Bird more as a daily do everything bike