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  1. That's what I was trying to avoid but it seems near impossible to source a clean 01 tank so I'll probably do it to the black tank that I have that's also rusted and have it painted or just wait till I can find one used
  2. Joe I didn't get anything with the phone so I sent you a PM here
  3. I didnt think it was bad and it's probably easy to save, however I did try one product that was supposed to eat the rust and it's still flaking off plugging the fuel system. I'm hoping I can find something that's useable to get the bike tuned before NEXXT and I'll clean the original tank over winter and reinstall it come spring.
  4. I am in need of a gas tank for an injected Bird. I would love it to be for an 01 but I'm desperate at this point since I can't finish the tune till I get a tank that doesn't have rust in it
  5. Speaking of fuel, happen to have a fuel rail laying around?
  6. My guess is fuel filter inside the tank is plugged. The pump will still run but that doesn't mean you are getting fuel and since it fired off the spray than you're getting spark
  7. I'm also wondering about the spark. And not so much that it's not firing as much as I'm wondering that nothing is working. What ever controls the fire ie: spark and fuel, is what I am assuming isnt working since you still had no fire even with the pump hard wired. Had there been spark it would have started. Also that being said, I do have a 01 and I'm only about 2.5 hours away. Give or take depending on traffic
  8. My Harley has seen less trailer time than my XX has 😒
  9. I'm sure it's a long shot but does anyone here have a map for a turbo bike they can email me to get me a starting point
  10. Id get fairly decent miles from a Pilot Power. Never tested the length on the Q3, just the lean angle
  11. I was always a fan of the Pilot Power. I did just test out the new Dunlop Q3 and that did really well too and both tires are reasonably priced but were on backorder last I checked
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