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  1. This knife is just plain badass! One of the more robust knives put out by BM in the last decade. I bought it just because I loved the shape and feel and action but it has never been carried. It has been sitting on my desk since I bought it. Other than some finger prints it's in new condition. I haven't been able to find the box but I'll keep looking (thinking one of the kids threw it away inadvertently) https://www.bladehq.com/item--Benchmade-407SBK-Vallation-AXIS--84270
  2. Got this for my wife but after having it drop out of her "girl"-sized pockets a dozen times she stopped carrying it. Need some money for medical bills again You can see the results of the drops on the top and bottom. Fortunately the blade was never deployed when the knife went down so it's perfect. The action is perfect and strong both ways. Comes with the original box PayPal https://www.bladehq.com/item--Hogue-Knives-OTF-Tanto-Automatic--50272
  3. Thanks! It is the best of the axis line that I have owned in the blue class. I bought both the mini and the full size when it was released. I liked the aesthetics of the mini more but I had the dexterity of an infant with it. I'm pretty sure I sold it to someone here
  4. I'll do you one better... I'll sell it all to you for $1000 (20% bulk discount) then you only have to hold on to it for 24 days 🤑 I keep my stuff in pretty damn good condition so it'll require minimal polishing on your part
  5. We can't all afford to offer "Dave deals" on things we sell here, I looked around online and found the lowest prices for all the same-(condition) items and priced everything here lower Price includes shipping (USPS Priority) Please be able to send via PayPal family/friends deal to avoid fees I can take some pics of items if you want/need to see them
  6. Sunglasses: 1. Maui Jim Mahina - Gold - With MJ case (this model has been discontinued) $100 I think I still have my original pair with broken lens from my unfortunate golfing accident awhile back https://shop.nordstrom.com/s/maui-jim-mahina-58mm-polarized-metal-aviator-sunglasses/3141943 2. SOLD Maui Jim Eh Brah - Green with HT lens - with MJ case (the green frame has been discontinued) $145 https://www.mauijim.com/US/en_US/shop/sunglasses/rectangular/eh-brah Phones: 1. iPhone SE - silver - 128gb - Excellent condition $199 Comes with original box, charger, cable, papers, screen protector (installed) and a case or two Also unlocked for any carrier. Battery has not been replaced but doesn't show any signs of fatigue... running some version of iOS 10 I am the original owner 2. SOLD Google Pixel 2 XL - white- 128gb - mint condition... Google edition $430 Comes with just the phone, skinomi screen protector and clear Ringke fusion case
  7. How much for it with new fork seals and tires?
  8. Is it as clean as it appears on the pics? Can't find one of those here in Michigan that isn't covered in rust and heavily listing due to busted suspension..... And don't get me started on the interior Anyway, nice clean ride
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