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  1. Those will catch a couple hundred bucks on eBay. Cool gadget
  2. Clearing out some knives to pay for the relentless barrage of medical bills from recent vacation to the hospital.. thank you COVID All knives include original packaging and paperwork All prices are shipped fully insured PayPal f/f please 1. Top.. ***SOLD*** Microtech Ultratech t/e partial serration OTF, elmax steel $250 2. Left.. Spyderco chaparral carbon fiber, CTS-XHP steel $150 these are out of stock everywhere 3. Middle.. Spyderco chaparral titanium OG, CTS-XHP steel $210 these are discontinued 4. Left.. Spyderco chaparral titanium stepped, CTS-XHP steel $210 these are discontinued
  3. How long and are what temp in the air fryer Looks damn good
  4. ***SOLD*** Phone, charger and spigen case Phone is flawless Battery life is 88%
  5. ****SOLD**** Used for 1 day around the house so like new condition Wife prefers her Fitbit Comes in original box with everything you get new. Midnight aluminum case and midnight band Model A2475
  6. ***SOLD*** $875 shipped PayPal F&F Mint condition Graphite color 256gb storage battery health 99% Warranty expiration 1/17/22 Come in original box with charging cable Installed glass screen protector Apple silicon MagSafe case Some other case included can’t remember the brand
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