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  1. umm WHAT!? I wasn’t even going to check the status until tomorrow figuring for sure it would have gotten delayed somewhere i mesh great! But wow! Glad you’re happy with it
  2. *** SOLD *** New condition never carried never used $170 shipped PayPal F&F preferred
  3. Local gun store won the right to sell (consignment) the estate collection from an executive/engineer at Charter Arms. Howard something or another.... He left all the guns to his brother who reached out to find a shop to sell them for him. 1300 pistols most of which have never been fired. They guaranteed him at least $1M This week they put out 250 revolvers.... Given the current craziness in the buying world some of the prices could not be beat! I picked up 2 unfired 325PD's and a 629-2 and 400 rounds of ammo for $2k I started collecting revolver
  4. Ouch! Sniped me and quipped me Firing on all cylinders! Bravo
  5. I'd be interested in all the Star Trek if you're willing to separate from the pack?
  6. True story i should just rock out with my cock out!
  7. Dammit gun whore!!! now you’re a holster whore too! My nemesis finally crapped the bed and i was looking at this exact holster last night Curse you till your nipples turn black Tim! and happy holidays
  8. If it does it’ll probably look like an 80s Goldwing does without fairing ... but it would be hella fun like a B-King
  9. Sounds good. Let me know when you have it and I'll send over the money
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