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  1. I'm not usually into bling, but thats pretty sharp looking.
  2. I'm not an expert but I don't think it works that way with regards to titles ect.
  3. I just need the can, if you'd be interested in selling just that
  4. Let me know what you have that you might part with
  5. A defining moment to be sure. I have had other bikes, but none that had that effect.
  6. Something I thought about doing on the turbobird was fabing a heat shield to go between the radiator and the header. Something louvered to allow airflow but solid enough to block radiant heat.
  7. Thanks for the responses. It jogged my memory and now I'm thinking I set my 2000 XX up with +6mm rear and -4mm front. That setting resulted in me dragging bits when really pushing it through a corner though. Maybe I'll try a little less drop in the front.
  8. I wondered if I was remembering correctly. I know it was 6mm shim on rear shock but don't remember what the forks were.
  9. Does anyone remember whether it is 2mm or 4mm that one lowers the triple tree on the fork tubes to quicken steering?
  10. The '03 I just bought has less than 13k on the clock, no damage other than a couple of minor scratches, new tires, yosh 4-1, pcII, corbin seat + stock, machined bar risers, givi wing rack and side bags, ram mount, peg lowering brackets, and touring wind shield +stock. All for $4250.00. I couldn't be happier. I'll probably sell off the corbin and wind screen.
  11. It just seems that way. I've actually been watching Craigslist ads for quite some time. I think used XX's are probably one of the best deals on the market out there right now. When you consider that there is not much difference between a used one with ten or fifteen thousand miles on it and a new one, other than a few minor scratches.
  12. Yep. Adjusting the cams was just an option I hadn't tried. Like I said it's really time constrants and when I'd have time and funds to dive into it. Superhawk The motor was running fine when I rode it last. As far as what's been done to it low compression pistons, falicon crank, carillo rods, liquid to air intercooler. It was set to run 12lbs on low and 18lbs on high boost. HP was around 275.
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