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  1. Not really using the Blackbird GF/L seat since I picked up a smuggler afterwards. Interested in a trade?
  2. If you recall, it was I who bought your blackbird Corbin gf/l seat years ago.
  3. Found your eBay ad. The MY 2000 1200 does have different rear side passenger rails vs 2001-05 rear grab rails but not sure if seating contacts are different.
  4. I saw the site and realized that it left out my2000. Not sure why either. We looked at a 2000 bandit 600 with Corbin GF/L seat and when I looked that one up before, I think I saw it would fit. Odd.
  5. My kid picked up a '00 bandit 1200S a few months ago. Will this not fit that year? Can you post a pic, please? Thanks.
  6. Nice bike. Good price. Almost picked up a similar bike in Florida for $2900 last year but missed out. However, just bought a 2000 Bandit 1200 for my son so no longer need another bike. GLWS though.
  7. You will need the motech bracket which you fit on the bike using the rear hand rail bolts. You lose the handrails though. Then you need the plate that you attach onto the bracket on which the givi top case locks in. Make sure you get the right plate depending on whether your top case is a monolock or monokey case. There is a guy on this or the other board who has designed and makes brackets which are cheaper than the motech.
  8. Dammit. I should have saved the pic.
  9. How about this?
  10. That was "Biker Boyz" not FTF. I forgot about that one. I think the BB lost the race. Here is the clip for Die Another Day: and for Austin Powers Goldmember: Sorry for hijacking the thread. Back to original topic: talking Jowhee out of selling his blackbird.
  11. I may be following you, Jo. I have been eying a BMW R1200C that I saw on Craigslist. Spoke to the guy today. May look at it this coming weekend if it is still available. Debating whether I had enough fun on the BB over the past five years. Did a 600+ mile trip last weekend and I was sore. Muscles ached, butt was in pain for most of the ride. Corbin seat not very comfortable on long highway stretches. So I started looking at cruisers online which is what most of my friends in NJ ride. I ran into an ad for the R1200C (Montauk edition) and started looking up things about it. Slow as molasses with only 61Hp and 79lbft for a 600 lb bike. But I sort of like the style. And it is a cruiser that did not follow the Harley mold. It was featured in a Bond flick back in 2002. Die Another Day with Pierce Brosnan and Michele Yeow. Also found out it was in the opening scene of Austin Powers Gold Member. That is two more movies than the BB has been featured in.
  12. Is it a fast silver one?
  13. He does. He just buys bigger shoes to perpetuate the rumor.
  14. That's a great color. What color will yours be, Dave? Just wondering whether I should get this one or wait until you sell yours in 2017 for $75k. All dependent on whether I win the powerball tonight of course.
  15. Isn't this opposite? Larger front on a road bicycle means harder to push since more drag due to more wheel friction. You go a greater distance per revolution. So would that not equate to greater torque with same rpm? Wheel friction has nothing to do with sprockets. Larger front will have the same effect whether bicycle or motorcycle; it's harder to get going but you'll get more speed for a given input RPM, whether that RPM is legs or pistons.I think we are on the same page, but just looking at it differently. We agree that you go farther with each revolution of the larger front spoke. We agree that it takes more effort for turning that larger spoke one revolution (legs or pistons, as you say). I described it as more friction since tires will be in contact with road for a longer distance with the same mass per revolution. Perhaps friction is not technically the correct term, but maybe it is. I dunno. You opined that the larger front spoke equates to faster speed. I would agree if the power turning the spoke at the same rpm as the smaller OEM spoke is present. The question I was raising is why does Roadrash indicate you get out of corners "like a mofo" I.e faster with the smaller front spoke? I often get confused with these descriptions since it does not make sense to me given the discussions above. I do realize that smaller front spoke is easier to turn so therefore with constant force, getting to higher rev ranges is faster and thus peak torque can be achieved sooner. Is this why smaller front spoke = faster speed? Next confusing topic: why over square engine (i.e. bigger bore than stroke) works for sport bikes (eg get to higher revs faster) and longer stroke bikes (eg twins) work for low end torque for cruisers? Engineers, feel free to chime in.