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  1. Nice find! Best off cleaning it up best you can and keep it unrestored as it looks very original. Other than that, dig in deep and rechrome everything. Japanese chrome was shitty in the 70's. Here is my '77 rd400. a lot of fun around town. So many people want to talk about them. I always wanted one in Highschool. After getting one and owning a Blackbird I just shake my head. Oh the 70's.
  2. Are the peg inserts the later model? may be interested.
  3. I think I have one. Not trashed though. I can check tonight.
  4. If I remember correctly, the Suzuki bandit caps go on the stock bird forks and have preload adjusters. That is what is on my '97. Just hit Ebay up.
  5. I think I still have a full system in the loft, maybe from a '01? They are mint, maybe 200 miles before aftermarket were installed. I can check if you like. In the Monterey area.
  6. I'm down for one if you still have any.
  7. Well then it looks like a new thread needs to start! At this point in time it may be short notice but we could most likely get a few takers. I'm sure Cal and friends would be up for it.
  8. Thanks for the update ptxyz. If whoever bought VFR Bars changes their mind let me know.
  9. Good to see another bird fan close by! I will take the VFR bars if the deal falls through. I need a set. Thanks, John Damn we need to get another Westcoast bash going again!
  10. So are these still available or what? If either set is straight and in good shape I want a set. PM me. Thanks, John
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