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  1. Aaaannddd sold. A few weks ago, but lining up shipping and all that takes time. Sad to see it gone... but it will get more use in its new home around Chicago.
  2. Finally registered bike, cleaned it up, and went for a short ride today. Bike performed great! A shot of it cleaned up....
  3. I hadn't thought of that, but likely yes! No extra charge... 😋
  4. See previous post regarding bike below.... brought back from MO but have not ridden enough in past year. Started new business etc. and not likely to use it like I had hoped. Crazy low miles, almost like new, with many additions as noted in other ad. Questions please ask. Original tires, were just replaced with new Shinkos, so now ready to ride! Alan
  5. Will start new post, but bike is up for sale. Just am not going to get out on it enough to justify keeping it around. Likely will get a sporty convertible and call it good.... 😕
  6. XX may be back up for sale. The fact I haven't been excited enough about it to even get tires on it and ride it ONCE tells me I may just not love it. I paid $6K, only have gas to pick it up into it. Still same mileage, but is now in northern AZ. If interested let me know!
  7. No, I will take his word on the reversal...., I meant his daughter! 😋 As for the garden, it has been heat and getting things to get a root system started. Second is rodents. There are some gentle, mid-sized rats called pack rats, and mice. They love some fresh greens! We had grapes starting to bud, and raspberries, until no more leaves. Without much root system they couldn't come back. Late freezes are an issue too. Just generally more difficult than western WA was.
  8. We really have to catch up by phone soon! And I need pictures before I believe you! 🤣
  9. Joyce has big garden plans, but from what we have seen so far this year it is an uphill battle. Will update later... as for when we met, yes, a lot of changes between then and now, for both of us! Life has been quite the journey.
  10. That dirt field is my driveway, still under construction. Welcome to rural AZ! That is Joyce's garden shed in the background. I had just unloaded it from the truck, backed up to a small hill to decrease the angle on the ramp. Other questions: Yes, it runs, turns out it was maintained despite sitting most of its life. Could use some fresh gas I am sure, but new tires more. Has Michelin Macadams that I haven't seen for ages. Because of sitting in a garage and having relatively few heat cycles they weren't as bad as I imagined. I actually test rode it even, very carefully! 21 year old tires....yikes! Felt identical to my '97, riding it was second nature. Very happy with it, just have to finish it's home! Speaking of which, we got the 3rd wall up today, 4th tomorrow, and roof by next week. Super excited about that!! That is the XX already residing in it's future home...
  11. Bike is at it's new home. LONG drive to get it.... about 2,550 miles in just over 3 days, including eat, sleep, and pee time. Only stopped for one night in motel, and at a Route 66 museum. Going to have a lot of fun with it! (As soon as I finish the garage....)
  12. I may need those once I get my bike in July. I don't know how well the originals will have help up to sitting for a long time. If they are still available then I will let you know.
  13. If you still have the Honda manual for the '99-2000 XX I am interested. No hurry, can pick up from Carlos' the next time you are headed to his place.
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