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  1. Still have the Migs, anyone looking to blow some tax refund?
  2. Racer212, where you at these days? Any chance theres 5th wheel rails installed in the bed of this truck? Still have the bluebird??
  3. Back in hospital, will see if I can get my son to ship parts , may be a few days. Wife sold beetle bags to a st Louis xx owner who drove to pick up today!
  4. Let me know what you think on the concours farkles

  5. JB4XX

    Motor issue

    I have a coil and two plug wires that are good, send me address and it will go out tomorrow
  6. JB4XX

    Motor issue

    I had one start missing, run on 2 or 3 cylinders, then run fine. ... Turned out the plug wires had made contact with radiator fan, spark was occasionally jumping to the radiator. Tested it by wrapping them up, started and idled fine...changed out plug wires...no problems!
  7. Prices shipped in lower 48 350 for everything shipped Organ? Make it easy and take the package....! And pull the flies, it will pull so much better out of corners...
  8. Power commander plugs into engine harness on left side of engine plus ground to existing frame ground nearby, load up map and enjoy the 12hp gain Easy Have you removed secondary flies? Do that while in there!
  9. I left the rest of the farkles on the bike. Lowered pegs, powder coated pieces all over, Barnett clutch, etc....
  10. Power commander pn 17-013 Tall kawasaki touring shield is clear and provide extra comfort for tall torso riders
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