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  1. It seemed like a good deal to me. Its a one owner bike, meticulously maintained. The owner is getting into autocross more with his new Camaro SS He even offered to throw in some gear possibly. The owner is a big/tall guy 🙂
  2. Friend of mine in Louisville ky is selling his bike. He is a manager at cheapcycleparts.com, a local based internet motorcycle parts company. I copied his Facebook post and thought someone here might be interested in this very nice bike. Welp, my 2008 ZX14 is officially up for sale if you know anyone looking for one. I'll post real classified ads once the weather improves. The body is in fair shape for a 12 year old bike with 33K miles. It has fallen over twice on the left side, but never while moving. It does have an extremely sensitive throttle which is definitely not for a novice rider but I do have additional reels to slow it down if needed. In fact, I have almost all of the original stock parts but I'm not really interested in taking it back to stock and selling off all of the extra goodies individually... 2008 silver zx14 Dymag carbon fiber wheels Nitron rear shock w/ remote preload adjuster Bazzaz Z-Fi fuel management w/ Z-AFM self mapping Schnitz flashed ECU (removes lower gear nannies, removes speed limiter, and raises rev limit) Muzzy 4-1 w/ ceramic coating and carbon fiber can PAIR block off plates BMC Race air filter Secondary EFI butterflies removed Motion Pro Revolver quick turn throttle APE manual cam chain tensioner Clutch spring spacer kit Factory Pro shift STAR kit 16 tooth front sprocket (down one) Speedo Tuner Braking Batfly front rotors Steel front brake and clutch lines HID headlights Bestem ZX10 carbon fiber front fender Cox radiator guard Bestem carbon fiber air tube covers Bestem carbon fiber heel guards Bestem carbon fiber rear hugger/chain guard Rear fender eliminator kit Concours seat w/ gel insert Stompgrip tank grips Progrip tank protector Puig racing windscreen PSR foot pegs Firstgear magnetic tank bag Firstgear Silverstone saddlebags and tail pack (new) Throttlemeister cruise control (not installed) Spare set of 120/70-17 and 190/55-17 Continental Road Attack 2 GT tires (new) Garmin Zumo 350LM GPS Scala Rider G9 (bluetooth for GPS) Mirror block off plates XT Racing Ultra-Lap timer Techmount steering stem mount (previously used for a radar detector) I can get pics for you if interested. I can also store the paid for bike in my garage until you fly in and ride it home or arrange for uship shipping
  3. Still have the Migs, anyone looking to blow some tax refund?
  4. Racer212, where you at these days? Any chance theres 5th wheel rails installed in the bed of this truck? Still have the bluebird??
  5. Back in hospital, will see if I can get my son to ship parts , may be a few days. Wife sold beetle bags to a st Louis xx owner who drove to pick up today!
  6. Let me know what you think on the concours farkles

  7. JB4XX

    Motor issue

    I have a coil and two plug wires that are good, send me address and it will go out tomorrow
  8. JB4XX

    Motor issue

    I had one start missing, run on 2 or 3 cylinders, then run fine. ... Turned out the plug wires had made contact with radiator fan, spark was occasionally jumping to the radiator. Tested it by wrapping them up, started and idled fine...changed out plug wires...no problems!
  9. Prices shipped in lower 48 350 for everything shipped Organ? Make it easy and take the package....! And pull the flies, it will pull so much better out of corners...
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