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  1. Walt's nephew Garth wants some VFR bars for his XX. If you have any to sell, PM me and I'll send you his email address or I can have him get in touch with you directly. Thanks, Pat
  2. Pat830

    foot pegs wanted

    Good to hear from you Purple Plazma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Once Purple Plasma, always Purple Plazma!
  3. Nice looking capable bike, especially for the money.
  4. Right up the road from me if anybody wants me to look at it. It looks new though. Poor guy is starting down the dementia/Alzheimer journey.
  5. Pat830

    CBR1100XX Coin

    Mine arrived today. Very nice!!
  6. Pat830

    CBR1100XX Coin

    I just sent you $20 via paypal Address is in the payment. Thanks!!!!!!! Good to hear from you!
  7. Pat830

    CBR1100XX Coin

    I'll take one, it'll go with my XX watch.
  8. OK gang, since I've acquired the FJR, I am going to sell the Blackbird, I don't need two bikes that do the same thing. I may acquire a bike to learn how to ride in the twisties better if I get enough out of her. Shorter wheelbase, lighter, etc.......... I'd rather she go to somebody here that I know that will take care of her and here is the question. Would you rather have her set up for touring like she is now, or do I return her to stock and sell the farkles seperately? The non stock parts are as follows. Givi windshield LSL bars with BMW grips Braided brake lines, still linked. Pazzo levers Daves peg lowering brackets Ohlins shock Yosh slip ons Corbin seat with backrest Mirror extenders Fenda extenda John's cam chain tensioner New Honda rectifier right after RedNeXXt last year. 38,xxx miles Very good condition, you've seen her. She purrs like a Honda. I'd rather sell her like she is without having to take the time to return her to stock but I will if necessary. Anybody want her, PM me if you do? No dibs called on the aftermarket parts yet, I would take them off and list them all at once, easier to keep track of that way. I have the stock seat, mufflers, levers, windshield, etc that would go with the bike. No long distance deliveries, time is tight these days. $4500 gets the title put in your name. Thanks, Pat
  9. That XX is a great bike. They all are!!!!
  10. Pat830

    WTB: 1973 Maverick Grill

    Growing up, buddy had a Maverick like that. Had a 302 in it from the factory. It was a fast sleeper, surprised many Camaros and Firebirds stoplight to stoplight.
  11. Pat830

    WTB: New Toy

    I have a flotation device that is shaped like a woman. No leaks, it's been plugged several times.
  12. Pat830

    Any pro painters in the house?

    Sherwin Williams is what I've had the best results with. I was told it says the most flexible which causes it to crack less not allowing any water to get underneath. I am an amateur, never been paid to paint anything. Usually just my house or my Moms.
  13. Is the studmuffin included in the sale?
  14. In a few years right before I retire, I'm going to persuade you into buying a new Goldwing and farkling it up so I can purchase it when I retire then I ride around the country and pester all you sons a bitches on a regular basis.
  15. People know a great deal when they see it!
  16. Pat830

    2016 Yamaha FJR1300ES

    Good things happen to good people. Congrats!!!
  17. Yea, like pics of the new FJR!
  18. It's because the ST is a Honda with the Honda reputation of reliability to go along with it. Not that there is anything wrong with a Concours, Mine has a Hondalike fit and finish about it, just not the reputation.
  19. Dang it, and I just bought the Concours.
  20. Beautiful bike. It will go quickly. And somebody gets lucky to get such a nice bike.
  21. Pat830

    "Figuring how full of shit Tom is, takes a little bit longer."


    I am ashamed I didn't think of that.


    Dammit, I'm slipping.

  22. The bike has been sold, it is going to a good home. Selling the FJR, bought a 2015 Concours. Offering the FJR up to you guys here first. 34,xxx miles. Stock except for Helibars upper triple tree that moves the bars up and rearward (very comfy), fork brace, crash buttons on side of bike, helmet lock, saddlebag liners, fenda extenda, throttlemeister cruise control, G2 tube that really smoothes out throttle application. Tires are good, the edges aren't worn at all, just the centers. Yuasa battery a year old. Oil changed twice a year with Amsoil, I just changed it. Has Yamaha silver striping on the sides and FJR/Yamaha tuning fork stickers on the rear of the saddlebags that reflect brightly when illuminated by headlights. Paint is 2007 black cherry and is in 99.44% condition. Runs and stops like new $5,000 is the price and you take it home.