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  1. You are the crasher? Hopefully you are doing okay!
  2. Joe just tried to casually say he wears a size 14 boot and is hung like a field Mule. 😜
  3. Wish I had smaller hands. I bought a pair of Held gloves a while back as they were a screaming deal, but like yours they were too small. Gave them away. I wonder if Trump needs any gloves? 😁
  4. It is headed to Chicago so including a heavy vest, plate carrier, mags and an AR would have likely been a better gift. Nice job on the sale Alan, that was a nice bike!
  5. Cumene? So you must cook with it? 😂 Acute Toxicity, sounds like my next screen name on a Jeep forum.
  6. I had the exact same experience when I put Jeep JL wheels on my JK. Prior owner kept the sensors. I bought a set on Amazon and had a local tire shop program them with a handheld sensor.
  7. Mayonnaise. Pretty mild and the oils help break down the adhesives. Goo Gone and WD40 would be next on the list before Acetone or XYLOL. XYLOL is the terminator of all things adhesives. Dudes use it out here to strip all the factory graphic goo off their Razors. Hopefully Scott will chime in with a shop endorsement. Pretty far down my list as I wouldn't want to breath it....then again I spray Round Up around the houses multiple times per year. https://www.sunnysidecorp.com/product.php?p=t&b=s&n=822G1
  8. I grew up poor, so I can relate. Plus, I can hold onto something for 15 years, finally throw it out and inevitably will need it with 24-72 hours.
  9. Agreed, even if a Frankenbike, seems reasonably priced.
  10. Over 20 years later, and this place still requires "Chicken Fucker" jokes, Especially if it involves Mr. ChickenHawk996. 😂
  11. I always found those to be a unique looking bike.
  12. ...or a few pounds, pun intended.
  13. Knife arrived and is nice. However, I can see why you would like the plastic one.
  14. Oh, Federal Park Rangers...I have stories about those clowns. I called them "Mr. Green Jeans", but Squirrel Cop makes sense too. Funny, Mike talked about Ruger being headquartered in Prescott....I had no idea.
  15. My friend was a local deputy and used to ride with us. We got pulled over by a Washington State Trooper. When the Trooper told him, "Sir, I had you on radar at 90 plus miles per hour." My buddy shouted, "That is BULLSHIT, I was going at least 100MPH!!" Fortunately this Trooper was cool and let us off with a warning.. Probably a topic for another post, but I also fondly recall getting pulled over with Cal, Jeff, Joe and others when we were coming back from an XX meet in Bend, Oregon...Pretty sure I was leading us all passing on a double yellow....LOL. One of them said later, "I was just going to let Tim talk to the cop..."
  16. I was tempted to put SEX or DRUGS to see what kind of notifications it might trigger. Funds are in your account.
  17. As Carlos advised it is a tool. Constantly in use, cutting boxes open, strings off things, zip ties off stuff. Convenient clipped to a pocket. I also carry a firearm, but a knife serves a slight purposes as a back up fighting tool if shit got that bad. I keep a multi tool in the truck and SUVs for the reasons you mentioned.
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