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  1. 2nd on the top box rack hardware/mount.
  2. Agreed, dumped on both sides and filthy. Is that grass or dirt all over the speedo?
  3. Curious, why is this? I assumed for taste, but does it have something to do with breaking down the fibers and making it soft? I usually forget the pinch of salt. Mainly because my wife uses pink Himalayan salt from Trader Joe's in a grinder, which doesn't lend itself to "pinching". 🤒
  4. Seems like a common way people want guns paid for when purchased online to be shipped. I’ve complied in the past, but it is a headache to stand in line at the post office to buy an $800 money order only to have to send the money via snail mail. Bought a few Sigs that way on Sig Forum.
  5. I can confirm Zelle is secure and can't be reversed. Bad if you are dumb and get scammed into sending funds via Zelle. No recourse to back the transaction out. I sold my Harley a while back and accepted payment via Venmo. It was not ideal, and I did my research on the buyers. (When I asked Carlos and Oscar about Venmo they both cringed. LOL). The buyer of the Harley was a nurse and her husband worked Security for the State and we had a mutual acquaintance. So I rolled with it...was only $5500 and I was able to see the funds hit my account when they made the transfer via Venmo. I took $12K cash out of the bank to buy a Jeep last week. Bank Tellers quizzing me pretty hard why I needed so much money.🙄 When I let them know the seller wanted cash they relented and advised, "There have been a lot of counterfeit Cashier's Checks going around lately."
  6. Wasn’t there chatter years ago the X-11 CCT was somehow superior? Think I have a new X-11 some place in a drawer or box
  7. My wife eats those too, I have yet to try them.
  8. 😀 Holy Low miles! Good luck with the sale. Wish I was 10 years younger, this would be very tempting.
  9. Gorgeous bike. A couple more pics might be helpful for those interested, especially the throttle side with the exhaust. Congrats on the incoming new addition to the family.
  10. In Mexico the cartels call them "Green Gold", and have been biting into the billion dollar industry. https://www.courier-journal.com/story/news/investigations/2021/08/18/mexican-drug-cartels-mexico-avocado-farmers-farming-industry/7878297002/ This is the LA Times article I read a couple years ago, which detailed how prolific the problem is for growers. https://www.latimes.com/world-nation/story/2019-11-20/mexico-cartel-violence-avocados
  11. It's like you were there when the "explosion" happened. Holy Oat mess! LOL. I should have done the 3 doses rather than the steady nuke.
  12. Good to know. Not sure if we even own a pressure cooker. I am not much of a cook or chef at all. I can barely boil or burn water, but can burn meat on the grill. I thought pressure cookers were just for bombing places in Boston? 😀 The overnight oats sounds more my speed. Thanks I will look into it.
  13. Couple questions for you fellas. I purchased steel cut oats and oat milk. Curious how you prepare your steel cut oats or oats? First try used 1/4 cup of oat and 1/2 cup of water in the microwave. I added a little oat milk after letting them set for 2 minutes, and I topped them with fresh blueberries. Next try I attempted to use 1/4 cup of dry oats and a 1/2 cup of oat milk. How do you cook your oats? Thanks!
  14. Great, thanks! I was trying them with the little "ribbed dildo" looking pads. You know like an anal toy to stretch the sphincter. LOL
  15. Meant to update this the other day...they fit my tiny little ear canals perfectly. Curious if I can fit a helmet over them, but will be good for walking or working out either way. Thanks Dave!
  16. Holy SHEET, that is amazing. Super proud of you man. This is a huge accomplishment, had no idea the numbers were so impressive when you mentioned Nutri System. Congrats !
  17. Never heard of Belvida breakfast biscuits. Looked them up on Amazon. Tons of options. Which are doctor recommended? Want to avoid unnecessary sugar intake. These? https://www.amazon.com/belVita-Blueberry-Breakfast-Biscuits-Count/dp/B00QF27JL0/ref=sxin_13_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-YmVsdml0YSBicmVha2Zhc3QgYmlzY3VpdHM%3D-ac_d_rm_rm_rm&crid=LZZNLDVW3ZZA&cv_ct_cx=belvita%2Bbreakfast%2Bbiscuits&dchild=1&keywords=belvita%2Bbreakfast%2Bbiscuits&pd_rd_i=B00QF27JL0&pd_rd_r=3fe9dc01-f5f8-4425-964f-e0dbba3f5dfe&pd_rd_w=yHUeT&pd_rd_wg=EJeGP&pf_rd_p=c41d1f6c-956c-4fe2-8019-1663b7e1dd23&pf_rd_r=DWWY57G7WRYR802YPTV2&qid=1634922262&sprefix=Belvida%2Caps%2C262&sr=1-1-12d4272d-8adb-4121-8624-135149aa9081&th=1
  18. Got a link to fiber cookies you like? In my 20s and 30s I used to head off to work with just coffee, usually skipping breakfast all together. Now, I take my meds in the morning and they advise not to take on an empty stomach.
  19. Feel free to share more details about these oats. I suffer from pretty sever diverticulitis and try to eat yogurt for the probiotics. However, I can find other sources of priobiotics, but the key is I need to up my fiber intake.
  20. Oat Milk? We have almond milk, never seen oat milk?
  21. What do you all eat for a healthy breakfast? I’ve been eating Costco egg pucks,and a banana, but looking for better, more healthy choices.
  22. Looks amazing and very inspiring. I love salmon, and could eat that meal every night.
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