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  1. Well, stock seats basically sock for long distance riding, and back in a day there were not many alternatives. Sheepskin covered Corbin was extremely comfortable.
  2. I'd say something like 390 is sprung for metrosexual youth at around 120 pounds, because no adult should ride it, so getting more spring would be a good starting point.
  3. Also if you look again at that graph worse case scenario the difference would be around 15 N or 1.5mm that is still impossible to measure. Or nothing. You know the bell is ringing, etc. Another thing, the only time oil in fork is not mixed with air is when it has been sitting for a while. Other then that it is emulsion of oil and air, especially on the outside of cartridge. That was primary reason for development of pressurized fork. No, not something like from 80's or swamps KTM. Good bye.
  4. Pink suit? Jeremy Clarkson long pause,, ,,,,,, You should walk like that into a bar in rural Wyoming (or about 99% of that state) and order a beer. At least socks are not white.
  5. So, are you done with your brotherly circle jerk yet? Yes? Good, let's bring closure to some of blithering nonsense suggested here. So, let's say fork tops are airtight like tire, and would absolutely and positively never ever leak any air in or out. The sag on the front end on street bikes will be in 30-40 mm range. Let's say you are 20 mm off from recommended fluid level. Like 130 mm instead of 110 mm. This graph is from Ohlins cartridge kit for my R1, and illustrates relation between fork travel and oil level vs. air spring effect. It clearly illustrates in range of 30-40mm of fork travel (the sag) the difference in air spring would be less then 5 N for oil level being off by 20mm. 5 N = 0.5 kg. Typical fork spring has a rate of 1.0kg/mm. So oil level being off by 20mm would change the sag by 0.5 mm. Totally irrelevant and not even possible to measure. Lol. That was classic superhawk996 maneuver in the garage. Post something stupid, then run for help to his brother. Lol.
  6. Plastic and food storage, no good. Use glass containers as much as possible. https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2021/10/12/health/plastic-chemical-early-death-wellness/index.html
  7. Looks like beta male bro called wanna be alpha male bro for help, and now are having discussion about me. I'm flattered, I need all attention I can get. Awesome.
  8. This thread once again reminded me why I have you on ignore. I can't deal with your stubborn stupidity and inability to learn anything.
  9. So he contacted you for help. What else is new. Lol. Because you know, pressurized fork from 1983 is just like modern cartridge one.
  10. Have you ever seen fork seal and slider in 3D? Apparently not. Have you ever taken cartridge forks completely apart? Apparently not. Etc. Has any male in Alvarez family has ever admitted of being wrong on anything? I don't think so.
  11. You've made retarded statement and now spin, muddy the water,etc. What else is new.
  12. Fork is not air tight like a tire. The air will leak out thru seals on legs and tops, and adjusters on top if equipped. So it does not matter.
  13. Wut? My "stiction" comment was related to Jon's post, not yours. Anyway, your initial "wrong" comment was retarded but you being you will never admit you were wrong.
  14. I don't touch rear brake 99% of time, only in low grip conditions. But that, of course, depends on type of bike you are riding.
  15. I approve this picture. BTW, that's one of yogurts I eat, although different flavors or plain. I just throw some berries instead.
  16. I honestly thought Dave was joking about fiber supplements. Do they actually work?
  17. Wut? Stiction? This measurement procedure takes it out of equation.
  18. Go with 5W, it will reduce harshness from front end.
  19. Wrong. They are not pressurized, so when bike has been settling for while air pressure above oil equals outside atmospheric pressure. So the sag will be the same regardless of oli level. Let's not talk about bonehead move when someone fills oil to the top on fully extended fork. Now, the airgap above oil acts like progressive spring, higher the oil level more progressive it gets. Even with straight rate springs fork acts like it has progressive one. But that has nothing to do with "sag"
  20. tomek

    Honda cbx1050

    There seems to be certain level of confusion, let's clear this up. That cbx in OP sounds awesome.
  21. tomek

    Honda cbx1050

    Me too. You do know who is very loud (pun intended) about Teslas around here.
  22. tomek

    Honda cbx1050

    Meh, any Tesla sounds better. BTW, Bimmer k1600 has inline 6.
  23. You hate corn hauling truckers from Midwest as well.😁
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