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  1. Hard to tell on my screen so is that a black or titanium

    1. SLyFoXX



    2. SLyFoXX


      I can get you additional pics?

    3. OMG


      mines black

  2. Bump, still available best reasonable offer
  3. These were spares, I had an issue with the original and started collecting off of eBay in case it came up again
  4. Cleaning out my garage i have a couple fuel tanks $150 each plus shipping
  5. OEM Seat excellent condition $50 plus shipping
  6. Swing Arm powder coated Black $75 plus shipping
  7. Set of OEM wheels for an 02 $100 plus shipping
  8. Corbin Seat Gunfighter with lady backrest black with silver piping, excellent condition $225 plus shipping
  9. Yes it was, I think L was more upset than I. But I have not put any miles on the bike for 2 years, just time to let some else enjoy it.
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