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FS: Honda Elite 250cc Scooter $1900

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SOLD Pending Funds

Should young children and women worship the ground you walk on, but don't? Are you plagued by a disturbing lack of vaginal access? Fear Not! Purchase a 1987 Honda Elite 250cc Scooter and say hello the new you - virile, strong like bull, full of confidence. A warrior you are!

Well sorta. Anyho....

This scooter has only 500 miles on it. It runs, looks and rides like new. Absolutely no cosmetic, electrical or mechanical problems. In first gear (and it only has one gear) it'll go 65 mph. And get 65 mpg. Ride it down a long incline and it'll hit 70 mph and 100 mpg! Truly amazing! Oh sure, burly, flannel clad men will point out the window of their F350 dually diesel and laugh. You'll shout back "65 mpg biaaaatch!" Who's laughing now, Mr. lumberjack!

post-1763-1217100246.jpg post-1763-1217100333.jpg post-1763-1217100368.jpg

See the full album here: Picasa Web

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Such a low mileage specimen of beauty, would look hot parked next to my red, 2001 Bird. Good luck with the sale, I don't gobble enough cum by the gallon to afford that one yet! :icon_evilgrin:

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I have a friend (I don't think he's gay) that has one, and does a lot of commuting on it, especially now with the price of gas. Seen it about a week ago, and it had just rolled over 9,000 miles. Typical Honda, said its never had a problem.

Probably not another around with the low miles, and condition of yours.

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Found another one identical to yours, even the same mileage :icon_eh:


What size tank does it have ? Is this a "fly in" ride home special too ?

Yep, same bike. Errr. I mean scooter. The tanks holds 2.1 gallons of gasoline, or nitro methane. Whichever you prefer.

Fly in & ride home? Absolutely. Ed Otto rode a 250cc Honda Scooter in the 1995 Iron Butt Rally. He finished 22nd, 9,361 miles in 11 days. Link

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