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  1. Hey Jeff, long time. I hope it doesn't sell, should have asked more just to make sure.. Two collar bones, one ankle, one scapula and now a wrist last month. I should sell the dirt bikes first! Truth is, I just have ridden it much in the last few years. Someone will get a great bike in excellent shape... What are you riding now? dan
  2. Very well cared for, never down. . Only owner... bought new... Wilber's rear shock with remote preload Spiegler braided brake and clutch lines Carbon fiber hugger VFR Bars Pazzo Levers, long clutch short brake Heated Grips Full Givi's & tank bag Geza Cover New tires, New battery Fresh oil, clutch and brake fluid New radiator fluid valves adjusted at 32K ( only two slightly out, shim changed to spec) Box of parts includes, plastic pins, brake pads, original shock.. stock bars.. bla bla.. bunch of stuff Factory manuals... To many off road injuries are forcing sale (wife is pissed
  3. That sight of you auto rotating off the road, or the smiley face burn outs in the parking lot.. both memorable.. At the end of it all, it ain't a bad memory for me. I'd be interested in seeing the pic you're talking about if it's not too much trouble.
  4. Thank you for the reply, I had stopped by the local Honda shop yesterday with micro fiche print out and shop manual in hand. When I asked how to replace the o ring, Their "motor guy" said "wow, can't advise about that, kinda hard to figure out those drawings, don't really know how it goes together. " I guess that is the reason in 11 years I've never had them work on my bike. When I asked if, I had them fix the leak what would they do if the they don't know how it comes apart, he said " I guess we'd just start taking it apart till we get there." Amazing.... I'll do as you s
  5. 2002 Bird 40K miles.. Seems that I have an oil leak on the rear balancer shaft. (left side bike) Sort of inboard from starter motor.. What is the procedure to replace this oring? Remove radiators hoses to make room, loosen holder bolt .... then will the shaft pull out a bit to get to O ring. ? Searched a bit but not sure I'm clear on the process. thanx dan
  6. Have you replaced the FPR yet. I too have been grumbling about poor mileage as of late. 2002 stock motor no mods. 41K miles, MPG down to about 27 around town. db
  7. BTTT... Shoot I'd ask more for my 2002 and it's got 45K miles on it..
  8. Dano

    Fuel Leak

    What's with the Harley drip catcher underneath? I know, I know you're still monitoring for spluge.. New tank, new paint... expensive and time consuming leak... It sucks when things go fubar... I'm working on my pump house/well today and just snapped off an old rusty fitting.
  9. I use the shamwow.. Hey member #10 has it's privileges. Well maybe not. Doing good, more dirt riding then street these days. I'll try to get out with the NW gang soon.
  10. Looks nice, is there a Power Commander to go with those Microns ?
  11. Don't worry about the bid, I was only gonna go as high as $25.50 how bout you? Stan: thanx for the welding offer, but I'll be riding almost every day and can't go without. Summer only lasts so long.....
  12. If I wasn't so EBAY challanged I would have it already. Got out bid by .50 cause I didn't have the max bid set up right.. I broke the ankle guard on the left front(driver) peg mount. Anyone have one laying around??? I have a 2002, not sure if all years are same. dan
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