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happened again multiple times this morning

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Based on a post by DBLXX,   he had a similar problem just a bit ago, and just removed the smiley he had.


Bingo ...  IT went


So, I just went back to mine that failed, took out the smiley's and BINGO    IT WENT




Any way, wanted to pass that along as you might find that useful



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4 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

I believe this is fixed now.



When do the refunds process?

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35 minutes ago, SwampNut said:

I'll send you a bill for dealing with your shit.


Anyone who had issues is requested to confirm if this is fixed.



See, that's just bad business right there. :)


I've had no issues today.

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Just popped in here to do my due diligence and confirm that earlier today all looks back to normal


Tossed in some smiley's to test and all was good


Thanks for keeping our little slice of sharing all sorts of shit open and working again  


:ph34r:  :D  👍 

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FYI  something else that HAD been going on, found it annoying, but wasn't a big deal


When I work up the chain of posts from bottom to top, as I would get near the top of the list, obviously the most recent, the last few that were still indicated to be UNREAD by the icon in front of the post would DISAPPEAR.  The number getting the icon cleared varied between 2 -3 each time.


Needless to say, there was no longer a way to jump to last post read, but I just popped in and went to the last page bottom etc


SO, the reason for this is to let you know that apparently that was ALSO part of the things a bit out of whack that you now have fixed




Thanks again   :ph34r:

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High Maintenance?????


U have got to be kidding  :D


U got 10 times the posts I have....  AND I am here to let the BOSS know I appreciate taking care of us..


BUT I also know u just like pulling legs   


Good Job for you as well.


And stop making my pussy hurt   LOL  


AND since this forum is for maintenance issues...    no more responding here..     be GOOD now  😉

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You don't have permission to access this resource.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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Fixed again.  The basic gist is that a cross-site scripting security protocol has to be disabled, and it keeps self-enabling.  If it happens again I'll report it to the vendor and see if they can help.


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