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i seem to remember a post about saddlebag supports someone in the uk was selling.  thought i'd saved the link but, now i can't find it.


i see some universal types, mostly for cruisers like the attached.


anybody remember or have another suggestion to keep saddlebags from scuffing up the sides of the tail section?


i've used tape but, am having a hard time cleaning up the adhesive residue...



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i really like my givi top box but, only need the added capacity of side bags/cases a couple of times a year.  i mostly like to keep the bike skinny for lane splitting and would remove racks for side cases/bags when not in use.  not to mention, i'd have to purchase the givi side cases.


thanks for the suggestion though!

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7 hours ago, XXitanium said:





I'm not sure if you can still buy "direct," and a know a lot of newer bikes they don't make kits for (thanks to manufacturers removing easy to access hard points to which to mount, but they are worth the price.


FWIW, Givi has a "tubular" side rack mount as well as the "Wingrack" system.  The Wingrack is very obvious, but rock-solid.  I know the tubular style is less obtrusive when nothing's on it, but I'm not sure if there's a down side to it compared to using the Wingrack.  I really think the WIngrack is intended to be a complete system to allow you to have your side and top case mounts in one assembly where (my guess) the tubular style requires separate top and side case mounts.




Blackbird-specific products.

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I bought the wing rack. I also got two side cases that are large. But, they store so much i dont really need a top box.  I can bungee stuff to the to of the wing rack plate. I have thought about getting two smaller side cases for most of what I do, but havent gotten arround to it. I feel the two large side cases cause a notible, but controllable, side to side tail wag at about 150+mph. At 170 indicated I felt it was not worth pushing the envelope with the bags on.

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Not the answer to the question asked but I've used black electrical tape with good results. Short vertical strips overlapping. The residue is very minimal and wipes off easily with honda polish. Its a lot nicer looking if you want to leave it when you are out on a trip and want to stash the bags.

I also used plastidip once. Taped it off and sprayed several coats. It looked really cool. It was getting thin at the end of the trip though so if you go that route put on many coats. I think I only used 3 or 4.

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thanks for all the posts.


i had good results with 2 layers of masking tape last time the saddlebags were on the bike, tape came right off and left no residue.


might do 3 layers for a longer rider though...

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Get some of this clear mask tape, it's 6" wide and rather thick.   Way better than the paper masking tape.



Another option might be to get some of that clear bra/wrap material used on vehicles.  It's almost invisible.  You could leave it on and just changer periodically after it starts to wear.


That said, I would 2nd the SW Motech rack system and getting some Givi side bags.  The side racks are very small to begin with, but are themselves quick release for a nice clean look.      I have the wingrack since I got it used from another member, and even picked up some side bags slightly used on ebay for a nice discount.  I only use the side bags a few trips a year, but  the setup is worth every penny.     Soft luggage sucks. I used the Ventura pack rack kit for 10 years, but will never go back after doing the Givi's.   I kick myself for not just doing it the 1st time around.

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thanks for the tape tip!


were i doing a bit more distance riding than the once or twice a year i currently do, i'd surely be able to spring for the hard cases.

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