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WTB: AV Receiver

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I've gotten some great deals from the folks here on .org and always try to check here for things I'm tempted to purchase. Especially electronics as its a lot easier to trust one of our own than some unknown on Craigslist or even a well scored ebay seller. But the pieces I got were not the marine versions, and there was this boating accident......

So I'm looking for a audio visual receiver to run a cobbled up home theatre. Thanks to Bullroarer I have a bitchin plasma TV, but I don't have cable, so I tend to watch more movies. I have a basic DVD player, and TV only sound. So what I'm looking for is a 5.1 amp so I can run fronts, backs, and sub. The Expendables and Tremors just aren't the same without feeling the house shake.

Has anyone upgraded their system and have old pieces lying around? Or interested in doing so? Let me know if you have something you think might interest. I'm perfectly amenable to upgrading to an upconverting DVD player as well, so let me know what you have.


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I just gave away my old system, sorry Joe. speakers and all.

The feeling of the walls shaking is nice. I found the weak link in my system years ago watching MOTOGP

seems the speakers could only take so much and then "pop"

wife got home and I had to explain why we needed new speakers. :unsure:

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Oh, yeah, new speakers!

All my very nice collectables were not waterproof, so I've been recollecting what's in my budget. I have a set of old Pioneer towers, a set of Polk bookshelf speakers, and a godawful nasty looking sub, all from rummage sales. I've got about $75 into all of that. Looking at an older set of Aero speakers on craigslist, cannot find ANYTHING about them at all, but they do look pretty decent.

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It's a Harman Kardon AVR30. The power rating is 60W continuous average power (NOT max). The kicker is the instantaneous amps it can deliver (+-30A).

I haven't used it in anything other than stereo bypass mode for 20 years.

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Oh, it'll rock the house and it sounds good doing it. I'm just replacing it with a Crown XLS 402 that I already have laying around because everything in my livingroom is now rackmount.

I have an HK AVR30 too. Its a really nice receiver. It sounds good and even looks cool. It just doesn't have a lot of the bells and whistles of the newer units so it was relegated to the bedroom tv. Running a Denon AVR X3100W in the living room now and so far its very nice.

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