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Instant Pot - healthy recipes

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So we broke our 6 quart slow cooker near Christmas and bought a similarly sized Instant Pot as a replacement. We have yet to fire it up.


What are some of your favourite things to cook in your Instant Pot? I'm wanting to give it a whirl and have a few ideas but hoping we can talk about healthy Instant Pot recipes in this thread. 

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Any sort of bean stew is an obvious thing.  I don't work from recipes really, but a go-to process:


Pre-soak beans of course.


Put it on sauté and put in 1-2 onions.  Get them nicely browned and soft.  Add garlic for one minute.  Add spices and mix in.  Add in beans and enough broth to cover them, plus a little more.  Well soaked beans don't need a lot more.  Do 25-ish minutes on high pressure, natural release, then switch to slow cook and simmer them for a few hours.  You will have very tender beans with very little gassiness.


Spices?  Go wild.  Mexican pinto beans or Colombian small red beans.  Love the red beans.  Epazote, if you have it, is key for South American beans.


White beans and Italian spices are great.  You can also add potatoes to this for a good stew.


Serve any of the above over rice.  Also these will keep for over a week easily, in the fridge.

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There's a 15-bean blend available at Kroger and probably other stores, that is about 1.4 pounds.  Two onions is perfect for this, and then whatever mild spices you'd like.  It's really tasty.

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