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Smoothies are easy real food, great way to get fiber, and a satisfying treat

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Today I'm having desert for breakfast.  Strawberry-mint-pistachio smoothie.  Frozen strawberries, heaping tablespoon of pure pistachio butter, mint (actually Cuban Yerba buena, but you probably don't grow that), heaping tablespoons of inulin, husk fiber, and oat bran, with non-dairy milk as needed to smooth it out.  Adding a tiny bit of cayenne and potassium will tune up the flavor and excite the tongue without being hot or salty.  A little turmeric for its benefits.


WHOPPING 22 grams of fiber!  To give a frame of reference here, the average American only gets 15g per day, and the recommended amount is over 30.





Yesterday I had this one for desert, cashew and berries with a bit of spice.





My usual batch makes two glasses like this.  




I don't really measure, just go by feel and vary ingredients on a whim.  Keeps it fun.  The basics are this:


Fruit...duh.  Frozen makes it easy, and also makes it smoother.  Freezing makes fruit cells burst which isn't great texture to just eat, but great for blending.  Freezing your bananas that are going to be too ripe is a good way to preserve them for this.


Nuts.  This makes it more creamy and more food-like and filling.  It balances out the fruit sugars with protein and fat.  Adds calories of course, this will be the top calorie ingredient.


Fiber...obvious benefit.  Inulin in particular is a probiotic and a sweetener that has nearly no calories.  All natural.


Cayenne and potassium chloride as noted above.


Turmeric...this is the rhizome of the ginger plant, with a little flavor, and lots of proven anti-inflammation and anti-oxidant effects.


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I have a smoothie every day after my workout. It includes banana and frozen strawberries, mangoes, blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and whey protein. And 10 oz of water. 




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