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  1. I'ver got the Yosh RS3's and they are significantly louder than stock. They drone a bit at low speeds-have to wear earplugs. Not that loud to the outside world according to friends I ride with though.
  2. the innnards from the 1100XX bars fit as long you get them out without damage
  3. So I take it that you called the "nazi"? He does other stuff like chains, wheel bearings etc. Real character! Whatever you do, don't ask him to mount a mail order tire! MikeG
  4. check the "tire nazi" if you need tires--reasonable prices, and he comes to you in a truck. www.azmctires.com phone 781-888-4737 or 508-875-1027 MikeG
  5. mikeG


    Get a deck and carpentry book and design your own. Unless you are trying to get real fancy, decks are pretty simple. Just basic carpentry and framing. The deck book will give you ideas, the carpentry book should give you the details. MikeG
  6. Carlos, it works well with a vacuum, and sometimes OK with a bag also. Easy to tell when it is clogged--throws all the sawdust back at you. Good luck. MikeG
  7. Not a bad saw. I've had one for about 3 yrs. I liked the light weight aspect-easy to move around, but sits solidly on the floor when you don''t want it to move. Plenty of power. The outlet does clog up pretty easily and this starts throwing all the sawdust out the top. The miter serves as a nice panel cutter. Non-standard miter slot though, so you can't fit the tenon cutting attachments and such. Good luck. MikeG
  8. I'll second the motion. Mine runs fine with no re-programming. MikeG
  9. mikeG

    Air nail guns

    Cabinet making does not use many nails. Most things are done with joints, glue, and maybe bisquits or dowels. The biggest use for a finish nailer would be woodwork. MikeG
  10. mikeG

    New home needs

    Great looking house. That house would be about $700K anywhere within 40 miles of Boston! Now I know why you guys like Texas. But we get to have all the fun in the snow! MikeG metrowest Boston
  11. I put a clear sealer on the slab the next morning after they poured it. Not only seals the floor but makes it take longer to cure, resulting in a stronger slab. We'll see. MikeG
  12. The floor is poured as a 1 pc slab with 18 " deep walls around the outside. I wasn't sure that the cement would stay in wall forms if I tried to elevate the walls above the slab all in one pour. The wood has to be 8" above grade so you either have to pour a wall above grade or build up the slab with blocks. Most foundations are 3 pc, footings, walls, then floor, done sequentially. I saved about $1000 by doing just one pour. MikeG
  13. Shell Rotella 5W40 synthetic--Walmart has it for $13/gal--works great MikeG
  14. Garage is done minus paint and the door-check it out www.mindspring.com/~mgambini/
  15. mikeG

    Carb cleaner

    BG44K and Techron are the best. Everything else is just snake oil. (maybe Redline OK also-the other Walmart stuff is just solvent) MikeG
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