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  1. if I had a buyer for the gtl, I'd buy this. but with an overpriced new (to me) home and kid off to college next year, cant have 2 toys. you always buy nice stuff and treat it right.
  2. Man. If i wasn't moving soon. Id have to unload the k1600 . If u still have in 2 or 3 months.... hmmm. Anyone want a perfect 14 k1600gtl w 14k? Lol
  3. Looks clean. Ive owned three of em. Best sport tourer for the $.
  4. Had a couple local bites. Has v stream shield, nice aluminum rack, bar risers and aftermarket exhaust. K1600 will be here thursday.
  5. Perfect but fit falling over on right side on hot day.
  6. About right price for a quick fair sale. The 08/09 are the hot models - meaning they can burn your legs hot. But otherwise very reliable.
  7. Wow. If I didn't have 3 kids in private school. I buy that car every year in tuition. So my toy fund is limited these days.... Awesome color vette.
  8. Good for you Dave. If I was an average sized or smaller man, would have been great. But....I ain't. Lol
  9. Yep 40 is too small for most. A 50 is more typical for touring. Once again, size matters.
  10. The only straight man in San Fran is going ghey?
  11. Dibs on the resale... :-). Actually serious as I actually ride my bike to work wearing a suit...
  12. Did someone get a new iPhone? Thought they had deals where they'd give you a couple hundy for these on trade?
  13. If I didn't just buy a new truck.... Nice bike and nice price.
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