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  1. That should not be a problem at all. I don't cut aluminum much at work so it would be out of steal. I would need to get my hands on a stock chain guard to model off of. I don't have my blackbird anymore.
  2. Would you have any pictures? I may be able to make them.
  3. Do you have a picture? I'm sure I can but might take time.
  4. yes that's not a problem. I will be out of town next week. It will be about two weeks to get it finished.
  5. It depends on how many switches you want. I have one with a single switch I can put together that mounts to the handle bars.
  6. I have the prototype VFR bracket done. It's a little different but works good.
  7. The last standard bracket is sold. If I have more intrest I can do another small run of them. The price will go up a little to $60 shipped. Material has increased. Thanks
  8. I still have one standard and a few reverse brackets.
  9. I got the momentary switches in just waiting on the USB ports.
  10. That's fine share the files. I'm not out for profit just like to design. I just ordered hardware to make 5 more. One will be a prototype for a VFR.
  11. I now have both styles finished in black ready to ship thanks
  12. thanks for the input. I can make any configuration you want. I am making one now for a guy in the UK that has heated grips, wants the control box to mount to it, and attach to the fork pinch blots.
  13. Got some more hardware to make two more. Let me know what style you want and I can get them ready.
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