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  1. Listen to Carlos - Both PayPal and Ebay are very good at getting involved and getting resolution. Use them! White is not easy to match, when I last had the DuPont color catalogue in our paint shop there were 38 shades of white. Not to mention the finished product can differ because of the way they were mixed as well as how applied. There are too many variables and you are doing things right, so take advantage of what eBay and/or PayPal offer to help.
  2. Thanks guys. I really planned on keeping it and adding some performance goodies. But by the time I added up all the parts (supercharger was $6800) and big brake kit,, I had the money to just buy an M. Plus the only made 3041 M's for the North American market in the three years this model was offered. This one is 230 HP where as the "M" is 343HP and there's a bunch more different. I'd be happy to extend the forum price to someones friend but the delivery part won't be in that. Thanks again guys.
  3. Well, have gone and done it - bought an 06 Z4 M and now have two of these cars (and only "need" one) I am the third owner , second really because the guy I got it from had it eighteen months and put less than 200 miles on it - related to Dave? Have owned since early 2015. 3.0 six cylinder with six speed with 83,500 miles on it. Oil changed a minimum of once a year and have been proactive in regards to preventive maintenance. The car has not had anything special done to get it ready for sale - this is how clean it is normally maintained. In fact just had the hood repainted a
  4. Joe,

    What is Bull doing in TC? If he would have free time I could hop in the car and go have a beer with him. Maybe even throw Nanc in there to and let her have a glass of water and a peanut butter sammich.

  5. Dave, got them yesterday and Zelda spent the evening with them on a "test drive". She really likes them...Thanks Bro
  6. Dave Funds sent and just messaged the addy Thanks, I'm sure Zelda (nanc) will enjoy them. Take care C
  7. If you still have them, I would go for $150.00 shipped. Let me know, Zelda could use a pair.
  8. Hobie, I think I have an F3 fuel tank and a couple fairing pieces that you can have. Tank is in primer and has been in my basement (rust free) and has the fuel lines still attached but has a few small dents. I bought some extra shit for when the kids rashed the CBR600 F2/F3 but they never needed it (thankfully) Just have to figure out a way to get it to you without breaking the bank. Let me know and its yours.
  9. Sure wish this was an XXL in real people sizes (not Nolan) I really like the integrated Bluetooth. Good luck, some one is getting a Hell of a deal. Hey Dave - grow you head a little bigger!!! (the one on your shoulders!!)
  10. Don't go nuts Joe. Whenever you get a chance I appreciate it.
  11. Hey guys, I have a painted plywood cut-out that my brother gave me that is a Santa riding a motorcycle (unfortunately it's a Hardley ). I am looking for an old round headlight bucket and lens that I can mount onto it and install an LED in so the headlight shines at night. Same thing for the Turn Signals - round with lenses, amber preferred. Condition is unimportant as long as the lenses are decent and the rest is reasonably water proof with minimum jury rigging. If you have any "garage art" laying around, let me know how much you want for them and all that stuff. Obviously I want to keep cost
  12. Loki, Just let me know when you want to stop by. Maybe we can just go to the Fish for a drink or two (no riding!!) - I'll drive!! That's if you have time. C
  13. I bought a pair of Apinestar S-MX-2 boots a while ago and found they were just a little big on me. They felt okay just trying them on, but on the bike they felt just a bit too big. I made the mistake of saying I rode with them to the guy at New Enough and he flat out refused to exchange them. I have been meaning to put these up again but just been too damn busy. They re size 49, which translates to a 13.5. These are true to size, I say that as I have had Alpinestar's before and they always were about a half size too small. They are new, really only had one small ride to check them out and
  14. Just a thought here. Those cans can be brought back to a mirror like finish really easily. I found some stuff called Speedy Metal Polish that is the cats ass as far as aluminum polish goes (it also works on other meals) Just a matter of rubbing it in and wiping it off, no hard pressure needed. How it works I don't know bu it works great and leaves a nice finish that is protected. It ain't cheap at $25 per quart plus shipping, but is worth it. Speedy Metal Polish Link I have nothing to do with this company, just tossing it out there. And now to our regularly scheduled program
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