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  1. Yeah, they're great bikes! Oh she's gonna kick my ass...... In all seriousness it was more fun than either of us have had in a long time. No schedule after Barber, no hurry, just ride, eat & damage the local Yuengling stock every night. I wasn't planning on going last year until we reconnected & she wanted to go.
  2. She has been known to dump a package of red hots into a quart jar of......um..... distilled water, 120 proof distilled water anyway. So she comes by it naturally. That nick actually came from our misbegotten youth and listening to too much Neil Young long ago and probably too much of other things too. It was also her cb handle in the late 70s during the cb radio craze. "KZY3549 Cinnamon Girl" She also might have been the girl on the mechanical bull in a tv commercial for an infamous local cowboy type bar circa 1980 something. I hadn't seen her in 40 years. Wished me happy birthday on facebook & I asked if she wanted to go for a beer sometime. She said she didn't really drink anymore but we could go have a beer & catch up. We did. When we left the bar that Sunday the Goose Island Pale tap was dry, the Guinness blonde tap was dry & I had a ninety something bar tab. Good thing she doesn't "really drink" anymore. I told her it was just like riding a bicycle. 3 weeks later she'd moved in. We were looking at my pics of the 2015 Barber Vintage Festival one night and she said "I want to go!" I said "on the Blackbird?" "Of course, how else would you go to an event like that?" That led to 3 weeks on the 'Bird, 3000 miles, Barber Vintage festival, Hurricane Nate, Deal's Gap....twice, Wheels Through Time & Maggie Valley, Blue Ridge & Foothills Parkway, a few days to visit old friends in S.C. not seen in 10 years and 2 trips across the Ozarks the twisty way. And throughout all of it she never complained about anything. Not even once. Really. I'll post some pics & tales from the trip in another thread eventually.
  3. Sorry, it was intended as sarcasm. I thought I'd seen a good deal of that at this board over the years. Maybe I misunderstood. Just for the record yes, she's pretty hammered. I don't want anyone to think it was in anything remotely aporoaching rideable condition. that's pretty clear from the photos. I was just trying to make a small joke. Jack said it really looked worse in person. He said it does indeed start & run smoothly though. Good project motor. We found one almost locally. It's a 99 with 38k on the clock. I'm leaving it in my buddy's hands and we're going to St. Louis for a few days. I may still be looking for wheels when I get back but we shall see.
  4. On 6/25/2018 at 10:39 PM, TOXXIC said: Here you go! https://seattle.craigslist.org/skc/mcy/d/2001-honda-cbr1100xx-parts/6626017165.html The Cinnamon Girl's son lives close too that one. He went to look at it, said he figures most of that will buff right out.
  5. His is a 98 needing a motor. Mine is an 03, I just want an extra set of wheels to send for paint & bearings plus we warped a front rotor on the Barber/Smoky Mountain ride. That's night big a deal. I can find new rotors but if Fredo had to buy a bike to get a motor I'm in for parts too.
  6. Looking for bits or someone's crash total to buy. A friend needs a motor, I want some wheels, we both need a few other minor bits so a whole bike that's been bent might be ok. Might pay shipping or might drive a reasonable distance. Will always pay cash. We're centrally located in the Nations. I'll post in another forum about reconnecting with the Cinnamon Girl after 40 years & the resulting 3 weeks & 3000 miles across 8 states twice on a Blackbird.
  7. Owner says $8250 or best offer. It's on Craigslist now. Someone give this bike a good home!!!
  8. Very special ZRX1100 with Eddie Lawson's signature. Apparently the gentleman that built this bike waited in line at Daytona to show it to Eddie. Eddie was kind enough to sign the bike for him. This bike has pretty much every superbike mod that could be made to it, a very special motorcycle. Complete list of accessories is at the bottom with price paid at the time it was built. Never dropped, never down, absolutely perfect. Also have tons more pics showing any of the goodies added to it. Also comes complete with all the stock parts if someone wanted to return it to original condition. We're thinking about $10k for this but will entertain serious offers. Dymag "Classic" magnesium wheels 2100.00 PFM 6 pot superbike brakes/rotors 1484.00 Nissan cylinders w/4 position adjustable levers 370.00 Muzzy brake lines 180.00 Race Tech forks 373.00 Telefix fork brace 150.00 Muzzy adjustable steering damper 410.00 Works "pro racer" shocks 800.00 Billet rear sets 400.00 Sargent limited edition gel solo seat 350.00 GP mirrors w/extenders 70.00 Zero Gravity windscreen (smoke) 70.00 White face gauges with black chrome bezels 70.00 Muzzy aluminum fan blade 35.00 Muzzy ZX11 derived cams and gears 800.00 K&N stage 3 jet kit and individual; filters 150.00 Ignition advancer 50.00 Kerker "megaphone" full exhaust 575.00 Fender eliminator kit 115.00 Short stalk turn indicators 60.00 Various Spectra mag clamps 150.00 MEK billet rear brake link 55.00 Muzzy reed chamber block off plate 35.00 Kawasaki rotor bolts hex drilled for lockwire & button cap 183.00 Gen_Mar bar risers 70.00 DID gold chain and sprocket set 200.00 Air box eliminator/battery relocator kit 80.00
  9. It's a factory built frame with some hand made bits on it. I think (not mine, now excuse my ignorance) it's a C & J frame, the front end is CBR600. Brake rotors came from from an old KZ900LTD and the carriers were custom fabricated. I'll post more about this in another thread as it comes along. MrBadExxample, thanks for the links. I think we can find the necessary licenses locally if these either of these suit him.
  10. Title says it all, needs intake and throttle bodies with it. Complete bike might be acceptable if the price was right. PM me if ya can help. Edited to add the pic. She looks kinda lonely without a motor don't ya think?
  11. Just did Race Tech gold valves/springs in the front and a Penske 8983 for the back. Best thing I've ever done, wish I'd done it a lot sooner. Whole new bike, almost anyway.
  12. +1, that's all it takes, just a little lawn insecticide.
  13. Did a similar thing, TFT except I used 2 tie wraps at each corner of the undertail and took them around the back side of the passenger foot rest mount. Not perfect but it's got the front of the undertail snugly mounted and out of the way now. Left the house after only one cup of coffee and forgot the camera, prolly lucky to have remembered my pants on a Saturday morning with only one good caffiene shot. Let the preload off about 3-4-1" and put in the 6 mm shim on top of the shock mount, God, what a difference. Rear tire now stays on the ground and the girl now stays on the seat. :icon_clap: 200 really fun miles this afternoon, I'm happy.
  14. I'm chasing this same problem. Appears that the previous owner either incorrectly installed the undertail or failed to fasten the lower/forward end of it. Instead he just cranked the preload all the way down in an attempt to keep the tire off the undertail. Going shim the rear shock and back off a little of that preload. Should have some time and a camera on Sunday morning.
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