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  1. Any good motorcycle repair shops in Maricopia? I think Tomek’s mom could probably fix you right up.
  2. I love the massive shield !!!
  3. Best part is the chin bar attaches to make it full face when you want it. You can also completely disconnect everything and wear it as an open face 3/4.
  4. $200 shipped Comes w/chin bar - not in photo.
  5. Dude - I am so sorry, I haven’t even checked and I didn’t mail the plugs yet. I promise - they will be on their way tomorrow. Sorry man. Not like me.
  6. Just landed in Buffalo for a few days. Probably ship Fri or Mon. Sold.
  7. - Never worn - Wireless - Charging case - Case charges with a wireless charging pad Paid $129 $85 including tax & ship
  8. -2 pounds last week - and I ate a lot at the Yankee Tailgate.
  9. I just got an 8...and it's like a whole new world from the 6. I asked for the XS and they told me no. LOL
  10. You were the first guy I knew who had an iPhone...when we went to Universal Studios for Halloween. (fun evening by the way) Get yourself a new iPhone - the new ones kick ass.
  11. PS Mikey - shipping would have cost me about $6. I’ll deduct that from the cost to ship to you up North.
  12. Used maybe 3 times. OEM box included. $92 shipped.
  13. That’s just not a fair scenario in my house to the others. My weakness shouldn’t be their punishment. And i honestly didn’t know you meant refrigerator when you wrote reffer.
  14. And setting up a coffee shop in the cab of your truck is totally sane. Tart.
  15. Can I voluntarily be put on your ignore list?
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