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  1. I still see issues. Issue #1 - my paypal refund seems to not have arrived. Issue #2 - you’re still here. Ya jack wagon. :)
  2. Yes, C. Very much appreciate you trying to help.
  3. A button for the user to turn it off. John turned his off, or a moderator did so I wanted to inquire about doing the same. It appears someone did it for him and I wanted that someone to do it for me if i wasn't able to do it for myself.
  4. Don't spend 1 second on it. All I wanted to know was if there was a button to turn it off.
  5. Sit down, take a deep breath. All I said was that after the confrontation between you and John and you specifically asking me to not post his "Last Visited" info it now doesn't show on his profile. Take what you wish from that... I made no such accusation. Sorry you felt that it added up to me saying that you did it or any other mod. I was just stating the facts. It still remains something that is not user adjustable and his no longer shows so it was modified by someone. Unless it was magic...which is very possible, I guess.
  6. Just interesting that a select few have this feature turned off and one after he ran on his lawn and asked for you to get off. No biggie... thanks.
  7. I did google it, couldn't find anything, so I asked here. From what I read, it's a script written by a moderator and "given" to certain members the moderator wanted to have it.
  8. Seems as if there is a way to turn this feature off. Can someone assist in where the setting is?
  9. I’d detail the fuck outta that thing.
  10. When you can please post up a complete side shot.
  11. That color is beautiful.
  12. Had one. Never had the heat issue while wearing jeans or riding pants. Mesh pants with nothing under it...got a bit warm. They corrected it in later models I believe and Organdonor I think installed the "added fans" work around that I believe solved that for him. Great bike. It's a lead weight...but fast as FUCK. Not balanced that well either, IMO.
  13. I'm completely secure in John's insanity too
  14. Yes, install a line tap and add refrigerant to the sealed system. Super easy. Return the new one...fix the old one. Super easy.
  15. I'm glad she was able to see it...or you sell it for her. Congrats.
  16. Does it get delivered by UPS? Oh boy, how things have changed.
  17. I know where this goes. I had to call a contractor because "this" happened and now I am $10 grand in....to fix it.
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