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  1. I’d detail the fuck outta that thing.
  2. When you can please post up a complete side shot.
  3. That color is beautiful.
  4. Had one. Never had the heat issue while wearing jeans or riding pants. Mesh pants with nothing under it...got a bit warm. They corrected it in later models I believe and Organdonor I think installed the "added fans" work around that I believe solved that for him. Great bike. It's a lead weight...but fast as FUCK. Not balanced that well either, IMO.
  5. I'm completely secure in John's insanity too
  6. Yes, install a line tap and add refrigerant to the sealed system. Super easy. Return the new one...fix the old one. Super easy.
  7. I'm glad she was able to see it...or you sell it for her. Congrats.
  8. Does it get delivered by UPS? Oh boy, how things have changed.
  9. I know where this goes. I had to call a contractor because "this" happened and now I am $10 grand in....to fix it.
  10. If it ain't broke (well, it technically is) don't fix it. Can't you just bury it further, put something heavy on it (cinder block) and cover it up?
  11. I had a 650 - executive with the folding mirrors. You guys remember. Sold it with 100 miles on it. It was FAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. You are welcome. If she is still sitting on it in a year and wants it gone - the offer still stands.
  13. I'll still prolly get a scooter. Here in the community I have the cabins in...it has over 40 miles of roads and lots to see. https://www.hideoutassoc.com/ So being able to jump on a scooter is nice. The Ninja would be something to just tinker with...clean, polish and look at. Take to the lake every so often. I'm also looking at a few Vmax's...sold the one I bought last year after fixing it up.
  14. I'd do $1800/$1900. Sounds like that might be low according to SuperH. If too low, that's ok...I hope she can get more.
  15. If I get it....polish it up and build a "little" garage/shed on the parking pad to protect it and use it summers. Was literally looking at powerful mopeds last night...(Burgman type - 200/400) This might be the ticket.
  16. Let me do a little research tonight....
  17. And you are a quick ride up the thruway for me.
  18. Interested....but think the price is a bit high.
  19. I changed my post...I gave it some thought and figured he would have said in his OP. All good.
  20. That is one minty looking vehicle dude - I bet it rides like a caddy!
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