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  1. And no more double posting after the editor is cleared.
  2. Confirmed. Working....TY And double posts everything. Also - when I post something it now goes back to post 1 versus the post I just made. That's new too.
  3. I had all of those at one point. Need to go find my favorite...
  4. I hit the unread content button like I have been for years - and it no longer displays my unread content. It's blank. Also, this is new.
  5. Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.
  6. Maybe the system has AI now and can tell you and I are royal pains in the ass?
  7. Used a smiley and got the dreaded error this morning.
  8. I had a hair trigger too...but resisted. Huge discount off MSRP !
  9. See, that's just bad business right there. I've had no issues today.
  10. Or do we just bum rush Carlos’ house and trash his garden and hit him over the head with his own glued together blocks? Either way - I’m in. I’ll lead the charge.
  11. DTV? (Dave TV?) - I put in a bunch of smiley faces but it kept erroring out so I removed them and the post posted. But you already know I was just kidding. I'll be sure to issue you LTIP's....
  12. Oh... since Mike (IceDick) made it a point to say there are only like 8 members left of the 20,000 registered that actually come here - I'll make sure I give extra this time since I'm apparently ruining it for the other 19,999 people
  13. Can you refresh or revive the donation page and where to send the cash. Please.
  14. Any need for forum donations yet? I always ask and you never really reply.....
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