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  1. Oh, I am deep into the orafice - just haven't gone to work yet.
  2. You bet Tim. I don’t think they are allowing us in until March-ish - but let me see if I can get security on the phone. It’s a 130 mile RT drive too. Ridgeline only has 46 miles on it. 😀
  3. I’m glad you like em’ they are great gloves. I mailed them in the envelope my license plates came in. 😀
  4. Sirius doesn’t have commercials. But I’m with you.
  5. I can't agree or disagree because I haven't ever listened to Apple music and I have never been disappointed with Amazon not finding a song, artist, or station I wanted.
  6. Nah... it's just how I operate. Amazon gives me more than I want - why pay more?
  7. Music. The Alexa thingies connect to commercial free amazon music. With Apple I need to pay...Amazon it's included in Prime. If it gave me free access to Apple music I'd keep it. Pandora - the free has too many commercials.
  8. https://www.apple.com/shop/buy-homepod/homepod-mini?product=MY5G2LL/A&step=attach# I opened it 2 days ago. I threw out the box. It's new. If bought from Apple it would cost you $107.79 Here shipped - $70 bucks. Saves you $37.79. LMK
  9. Shit. Now the box will weigh that much more.
  10. Oh, send me more than $69.99 and I will just send it back to you in pennies in the box when I ship.
  11. Philly...$69.99 which includes shipping. Make sure to send me your mailing address.
  12. I didn't want to say it...but the fingers are a bit long on these gloves for me. These are a true L, IMO.
  13. Haven’t heard from him. If you want em’ they are yours. Just LMK.
  14. They are awesome gloves!! I’ll meet you in the middle at $70?
  15. Show him this. This one has zero miles and comes in a crate.
  16. DBLXX

    What is this?

    Easy - looks to be an HD filter for your video camera 😀
  17. Worn maybe 3 times. You won’t find a more comfortable glove. Size 9 Paid $125 +tax $80 shipped
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