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  1. Lies. If you jam it under a door while open... and the screen doesn't crack, IT WILL HOLD THE DOOR OPEN !
  2. I’ll take the 15 minute refund and an additional 15 for the pain and suffering. 👀
  3. I pay immediately after a charge.
  4. Our payment practices are similar….
  5. Very weird something so simple doesn't work for you. You are the easiest person to please.
  6. Yeah, the CPAP is definitely not good for you. You have to be of sane mind for most things that make sense to work. Kill the idea, immediately.
  7. Still... you paid $2 less for a package 4 pounds heavier.
  8. UPS.com - I have an account and pay with PayPal.
  9. That is for a 6"X6"X6" box valued @ $100 weighing 1 pound to his old address in Bonney Lake.
  10. I put his address in online and it’s $28 ground.
  11. I can send UPS although instead of $6 it will cost me $30 - dick !!!
  12. The people using them are either dialing in on their phones and using them or have a laptop with Bluetooth and using them.
  13. $399 for both. Saves you an additional $56 off of the already low price. If you bought both today with tax you'd pay > $690 Save $290
  14. Bought for $199 Selling now for $169 My price - $105
  15. Mike - do me a favor. Start a thread in the Pub for your penis issues and let me try and sell my watch. Thanks
  16. FYI - everything Mike has claimed to this point stands consistent with all his other posts. Incorrect. Still for sale at a $160 discount.
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