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  1. Agreed - for $3K you’ve got to level set your expectations.
  2. I was trying to avoid that but think I may take your advice before I start fiddling with a brand new bike. Appreciate it.
  3. A few of the Chinese models were actually more than the Honda but they also had a few that were less but visually looked like toys and junk. I paid $3100.
  4. It's known with this particular bike... I got that from a simple google. The choke is not your typical choke where you pull a level it's a clicker with 3 set positions - Off, Middle, and High. High... it won't start at all and middle it starts but really no different then with it's off. I'll back off the idle speed back to where it was when it would start and stay started for a few seconds then die. Hitting it a dozen times like that... it will stay started a "touch longer" each time until it stays on. Fast forward to 27 seconds... his started right up but you can get a feel for how LOW it idles.
  5. I believe this is the idle screw (I'm sure of it)... it's the one I turned to raise the idle. So you are saying to open the choke all the way... and back the idle down (counter clockwise on that screw) little by little until it starts or leave the choke off and get it back down to where it was? Thx
  6. Fouled? With 2 miles on it? It's a single so there is 1 plug and I'll check it. The battery is huge for this small bike, so it's not the push. THX
  7. I knew someone would tell me to bring it back... I just hate dealers.
  8. When I hit the starter button it takes 10 or 12 pushes to get it to start. Once it starts the idol is extremely low... to the point it sometimes stalls. There is a 3 position choke, up (high), middle (medium) and low position which is no choke. In the high position it won't start at all. The middle position doesn't really work either. I started adjusting the idol screw (clockwise) to increase the idol and now it's even harder to start. I'm going to adjust it back down so it requires a lower idol to stay started. Any suggestions? Seems as if this is a known issue and reading that a lot of people change out the carburetor... which, I will not be doing. Thanks
  9. Not for me. Still happening.
  10. If you need my routing number for the refund, let me know
  11. Tried 3 different and yes, started after late morning.
  12. All of a sudden every time I close my browser I have to sign back in with USER NAME and PASSWORD each time. Not that I care - just want to make sure it's correct. Thx
  13. Did you stop for a tossed salad before or after lubing your ball?
  14. I still put a coat of polish on the Weber Grill every few weeks...
  15. Haven't had one since September of 2021. But I love them.
  16. Lol. Use a small tape measure.
  17. Buy a 2023 Toyota Tacoma. Remove the hood insulation pad from it, install it on the Mazda. Take the mouse eaten one and put it on the Tacoma and return it. No one will ever notice.
  18. It’s not like you can’t put a motorcycle in tue back of a minivan!!!!! 😀
  19. Ford vs Toyota - yeah…smart move to wait.
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