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  1. Just landed in Buffalo for a few days. Probably ship Fri or Mon. Sold.
  2. - Never worn - Wireless - Charging case - Case charges with a wireless charging pad Paid $129 $85 including tax & ship
  3. -2 pounds last week - and I ate a lot at the Yankee Tailgate.
  4. I just got an 8...and it's like a whole new world from the 6. I asked for the XS and they told me no. LOL
  5. You were the first guy I knew who had an iPhone...when we went to Universal Studios for Halloween. (fun evening by the way) Get yourself a new iPhone - the new ones kick ass.
  6. PS Mikey - shipping would have cost me about $6. I’ll deduct that from the cost to ship to you up North.
  7. Used maybe 3 times. OEM box included. $92 shipped.
  8. That’s just not a fair scenario in my house to the others. My weakness shouldn’t be their punishment. And i honestly didn’t know you meant refrigerator when you wrote reffer.
  9. And setting up a coffee shop in the cab of your truck is totally sane. Tart.
  10. Can I voluntarily be put on your ignore list?
  11. This makes no fucking sense. Douche.
  12. Hey douche - what’s your contribution here?
  13. How can I take your advice when you don’t know the difference plaque and plague? I love advice - you’re just being a douche. So I’ll join you in the douche party.
  14. About 20 times. You still can’t spell.
  15. Guess your still struggling with the whole spelling thing.... A cappuccino is actually called a cappuccino in Italy, but you'll also often hear people ask for un cappuccio, pronounced 'cappucho'. It's really just the same thing! Cappuccio means 'hood' in Italian - from the hood of foam on the coffee - so a cappuccino just means a 'little hood'.
  16. I'll call bullshit on you only eating 0 point foods. Although I have no clue what cappucio is....
  17. I don't disagree with anything from this post - but that's because I don't know what reefer or food like plaque is.
  18. Oh - down 4.6 from last week. Working well...
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