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  1. I assume this is a PM? Anyways, cell or text #? I will fwd a bank check & you can wait for it to clear... (I am in Nashville TN)
  2. Let me know your contact info....
  3. Soft Lugagge

    Let me know how to contact you....thanks
  4. Soft Lugagge

    What bags work for those who use them? I have run the expandable RKA's for 7+ years, yet I am tired of the zippers messing up. Most have the capacity to store full-face helmet when going to work or store. thanks
  5. Ultimate XX build.

    Redxx is close... a weight reduction program could get expensive real quick.
  6. Brake woes

    The problems you are having are similar to my old troubles.... went to the JAWS delink system. After 2 years I am still glad I did....
  7. Mystery clunking/tapping vibration in right hand grip

    Fixed? What happened?
  8. Disappearing clutch fluid

    I had the same symptoms this past spring. 2nd bird & have ridden these bikes for 10 yrs. Anyways, it WAS the slave cylinder seal as mentioned above. I ended up just buying a used slave cyl since I got a great deal ($25 !). I flushed the entire clutch system and it's been perfect. Moral of story... change all fluids at least every other year (brakes & clutch fluid).
  9. Brakes

    I went thru this once... that was more than enough. I never was that impressed w/the linked brakes. The JAWS delink kit solved the issue ....
  10. Rebuild my motor

    Speedo correction (one of my first purchases 10 years ago)...."Speedohealer'....and Byron Hines for motor work (or Nitrous).
  11. Air in Clutch Pt II

    Follow-up to my follow-up. It was cheaper to go with a used slave cylinder found on ebay. I had ordered the seals...yet they turned out to be the wrong size (I will take the blame for trusting the vendor). Anyways, for half the price of the seals I replaced the entire slave cylinder. Clutch works perfect now...
  12. Base Voltage Question

    12.6 to 12.8 with a (1-2 volt drop) on start-up. I run a battery tender approx. once a week. Is it charging 13.5+ when running? Our batteries have sudden deaths. I got 4 years out of the last one... until it quit.
  13. Another carb question

    Background info....why were the carbs out in Berrymans? Was this happening before the carb soak?
  14. Front disc needed

    Sometimes you are able to carefully straighten them...I will let others chime in on this one. How badly is it bent?
  15. Air in Clutch Pt II

    It ended up being the slave piston seal. Now if I can find a rebuild kit....thanks